5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Now more than ever, digital marketing is taking a sharp turn in forming new trends for the following year. As the global pandemic created a whole new world online, digital marketing agencies will have to adapt to the new coming ways of attracting an audience online.

Many questions arise regarding 2021. How should the content look like? What social media will peek? If you want answers to these, and many others, check out these 5 digital marketing trends that will be popular in 2021.

1. Make mobile functionality a priority

If you still haven’t started onsite mobile optimisation, this is your last call. There will be over 300 million smartphone users in the next year, so this is your chance to seize this opportunity with both hands. What do you need to do?

Follow what everyone else does. The biggest search engines like Google, constantly update their algorithms to make their services more mobile user friendly. If your website isn’t available for smartphone users, you’ll lose a large proportion of your possible customers and clients. So, make sure you improve your organic search through SEO and create a mobile-friendly interface.

2. Artificial intelligence

Welcome to the future where artificial intelligence plays a large role, especially in communications and technologies. In 2021, AI won’t be just the programmed chatbots offering help on the site. They will be used for personalisation and adaptation of the content each visitor receives. Therefore, you’ll be able to target your audience like never before.

AI brings a new online experience, which will increase revenue opportunities. You don’t want to miss that, do you? Implement a live chatbot on your site and see the results yourself. Besides, customers love having someone to ask questions, so your live chatbot will be an ideal way to satisfy their needs in real-time.

3. Create interactive content

Even though new apps and social media sites are created each year, 2021 will still shine its spotlight on well-known platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, your regular content won’t get as much attention as it used to. So, does that mean that you’ll have to stop investing in these apps as the main way of promoting your business?

Absolutely not. You just need to change your approach. One great way to get your target audience’s attention is by creating interactive content that will increase engagement and visits to your website. Create different polls, quizzes and games to entertain your customers and get some key information about them. By asking them which style or colour they preferred, you’ll know how to reform your products or services to appeal to your clients.

4. Visual messaging

Believe it or not, Australia is one of the biggest world’s trendsetters. So, if you need inspiration for your new digital marketing campaign, take a look at the latest trends set in that country. For instance, visual messaging is thought to be the backbone of the digital marketing of 2021.

So, don’t wait for this trend to explode before trying it out yourself. Be an original content creator and get a high-quality video production in Sydney customised for your needs. A reliable video production company will create original visual content that will surely promote your business and attract a lot of attention in the online world. Don’t trust us, try it out yourself.

5. Implement voice search

Did you know that more and more people across the globe are using their voice to search the web? Just like talking to a personal assistant in your phone or using AI Alexa, voice search for websites is increasing in popularity.

Consider implementing voice search into your website to make it more user-friendly. There are enormous benefits of voice search that are yet to be discovered. So, be a trendsetter and try implementing voice search to make it easier for mobile phone users to access your site and services. 


When it comes to digital marketing, 2021 brings us new and exciting trends we should try out. If you want to stay afloat and keep your business running, make sure to implement at least one of these digital marketing strategies, that will help you reach more turnover. So, don’t wait for the trend to start. Be a trendsetter!