5 Productivity Tips To Get More out of Your Morning Commute

Commuting is a stressful part of most Americans’ workday, whether you drive to work or hop on public transit. The average commute in the U.S. is 27 minutes each way, totaling nearly an hour every workday. You don’t have to lose all that travel time, though — you can use it as an opportunity to grow your skills instead. 

Below, we walk through tips to harness the power of productivity on your daily commute. Read on to learn more. 

  1. Master a new language

Improve your memory and boost your brain power by learning a new language on your daily commute. According to Babbel, you can learn the basics in 3 weeks by committing to just 15 minutes of practice per day. 

Language apps provide easy listening and learning exercises you can take on the go. This is a great chance to broaden your vocabulary and impress on your resume. 

  1. Subscribe to a motivational podcast 

Podcasts are another great way to learn as you travel, and with over 2,000,000 episodes available for free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, finding one that can benefit you is easy. Before your commute, research podcasts you think you’d enjoy and their episode lengths to make sure you’ve downloaded enough content for your ride. 

Keep up on industry insights by subscribing to podcasts about your line of work, or find leadership-themed shows that improve your soft skills. You can also keep up on current events and even mix in some entertainment episodes.  

  1. Spend time problem-solving 

Prep for the day ahead by brainstorming solutions on your daily commute. Research shows that people make better decisions in the morning, so spend your early ride to work coming up with new ideas. Make sure to check in your calendar before you head out the door so you can problem-solve for the day ahead. 

On your evening commute, recap important moments for the day and create a to-do list to conquer for the next morning. You can also use this time to listen to relevant audiobooks as a way to research relevant information. 

  1. Practice deep breathing exercises 

Nearly 80% of Americans have feelings of road rage monthly. If you’re in that camp, deep breathing exercises are one way to meditate and refocus your thoughts. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or running late, learning to stay calm will ensure commute stress doesn’t spill over into your workday. 

There are a number of meditation apps to help guide you through deep breathing exercises. Gratitude meditation practices have been shown to be especially effective at lifting your mood through reflection. 

Discover more tips about how to relax on your daily commute with the Dolman Law visual below. 

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Tips for Staying Calm While Driving