6 Ways To Share Your Business Knowledge With The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs


As an experienced business owner, you’ll have accumulated a vast wealth of business knowledge and insight over the years.

This information is highly valuable, both to you and your fellow business owners, particularly those who have only just started their own business and need support and guidance to really make a difference in the competitive corporate world.

Many leaders want to share this information with up and coming innovators and company owners, but it can be hard to figure out where to begin. To help, we’ve put together a list of 6 ways you can support the next generation of business owners and give them the benefit of your expertise.

Support Entrepreneurs You Already Know

When you first start looking to share your expertise and offer business advice and support, the best place to begin is with new business owners that you’re already friends with. Keep up to date with the developments in the lives of your former colleagues, distant family members, and old friends using social media, and if you notice that someone has set up a new business then connect with them to see if you can be of any help. Be respectful and ask if they’re happy for you to help them before you give them your opinion so that they feel supported rather than judged.

Reach Out To New Business Owners

As well as the new business owners you already know, you could also reach out to new business owners you find on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Many entrepreneurs and new company owners will mark their statues to show that they are starting their journey in the world of business ownership, meaning that you can identify those that seem to want help and reach out to offer your advice and insight. This could lead to an informal mentorship which will be a great way for you to use your experience and help your new mentee to learn from your past business successes and grow as a leader and business owner.

Offer Motivational Speeches

New business owners often attend networking events and trade shows, so positioning yourself as a motivational speaker and giving talks at such events can be the perfect way for you to share your insight and business expertise. It might take time to become a recognized business motivational speaker, but with a little hard work eventually, you can get yourself renowned as a trusted business speaker. Make sure that you work hard at building a name for yourself and don’t be ashamed to attend smaller networking events before you launch yourself into hosting larger talks to bigger audiences.

Become A Business Coach

Coaching new business owners and helping them to understand the responsibilities of their new role is a great way for you to use your business knowledge and help others to learn from your experiences. Training providers like BCF Group offer business coaching courses that will show you how you can become an effective business coach and drive your clients towards greater success in their entrepreneurial activities.

Create A Blog

Business blogs are a popular source of information for new company owners who are keen to find out more about how to make their new business run smoothly and achieve the success they desire. If you have the insight and business prowess to inspire others then create your own blog and start sharing the stories, articles and news updates that you think your readers will want to know about. There are loads of different platforms that will host your blog for you and offer you a range of solutions such as analytics and scheduled posts so you can easily upload your thoughts and share your knowledge of the corporate landscape with the world. If you optimize your blog for SEO and share your articles on social media, then you should be able to build a reasonable following and get readers interested in what you have to say.

Write A Book

Business books are a popular solution for those entrepreneurs who are keen to immerse themselves in the corporate world and explore the insight that others have learned previously. It can take a lot of time and effort to write and publish a book, but it’s worth it if you’re really committed to sharing your knowledge and adding to the canon of business books inspiring the up and coming generation who will shape the corporate market of the future. Take the time to do the job properly so that you end up offering a valuable resource for future generations of business leaders.

Sharing your knowledge with young, aspiring business owners is an exciting experience for any seasoned leader, so use this article as inspiration to find the perfect method of supporting others that works best for you.