7 Best Hosting Providers to Improve Site Speed’s Score


The speed of websites does play a huge role in increasing the growth rate and customer base for businesses. If a website is very slow to load, most customers stop using it altogether and shift to other alternatives. Statistics show that more than 40% of website visitors bounce if the page takes over 3 seconds to completely load. 

In this context, a lot of factors contribute to the site speed, including the kind of hosting provider you are running. Here is an overview of the best hosting providers available in terms of website loading speed. 

Hosting ProviderSpeed (Global Average)
Hostinger 136 ms
Cloudways390.15 ms
HostGator Cloud430 ms
SiteGround 136.9 ms
GreenGeeks118.6 ms
DreamHost118.4 ms 
Bluehost 153 ms

Statistically, pages that take 5.7+ seconds to load notice their conversion rate drop to 0.6% while those that take 2.4 seconds have a 1.9% conversion rate. Therefore, employ the right kind of hosting provider to get a better site speed score. 

Common Points to Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 

There are particular factors that one must focus on while selecting a hosting platform for their business. Here are some of them. 

  • Site Speed/Uptime- Utilize a hosting service provider that offers at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 
  • Response time- Check out the response time of the domain name and hosting. The former does affect the site speed. 
  • Target audience/company type– Consider if you have an enterprise-level business or a small-scale company. Some like AWS are good for enterprises while others like A2 Hosting and SiteGround assure adequate speed for smaller businesses. 
  • Support team– During web hosting, multiple problems can cause site speed issues and other reactions. With the right kind of support present, you can improve them better. 
  • SSD + Disk Storage- The amount of storage space you get would affect the site loading speed. More storage equals less lag time. Consider the same about the available disk space that the hosting providers offer. 
  • Security- The best hosting providers offer high-quality security benefits, like free SSL certificates and HTTPS solutions. Research more on what measures you can take to further improve your site security from issues, like hacking. 

Top Hosting Providers for Improving Site Speed Score.

Here are the main hosting providers available that ensure a high site speed score for businesses. They come with many features and offer a wide range of benefits each. 

  1. Hostinger

With plans starting at $5.99 per month, Hostinger is a reliable hosting plan for many companies globally. It holds an average global speed of 136 ms across multiple data centers. The platform delivers many features like unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB SSD, hPanel, Free SSL/Domain, and Localised support. 

The data centers of this hosting provider have different loading speeds, with the American one having the fastest average at 136 ms. The average global speed at the Europe-based data centers is around 141.3 ms. The Singapore data center servers pull a 168.9 ms worldwide speed average.

  1. Cloudways 

Cloudways as a hosting provider has an average speed of 390.15 ms. Many top hosting platforms run with Cloudways itself, like Linode, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vultr, and Stackpath. All of these are useful for businesses of different industries and sizes. 

Cloudways simplifies the process of using them by delivering them all in one platform. The best features you would experience with Cloudways include CloudwaysCDN, 24×7 support, managed security/backups, and advanced caching. 

  1. HostGator Cloud 

This is a more robust and faster variety of standard HostGator, with a 0.43 seconds average speed time. Companies hosting more dynamic and feature-rich websites can utilize it best.  

The plans for cloud hosting are relatively low, starting at $4.95 per month, and it offers free SSL in all. The Business Cloud and Baby Cloud plans include unlimited domains. Plus, HostGator Cloud, in general, offers responsive user support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  1. SiteGround

With a 136.9 ms global site speed average, SiteGround is a popular choice for many organizations and individual content creators. It offers high technical customer service, economic prices, and free Cloudflare CDN. 

Furthermore, it has the high-quality Custom SuperCacher, which is present in three levels- Static Cache, Memcached, and Dynamic Cache. 

  1. GreenGeeks 

The global average speed of hosting through GreenGeeks is 118.6 ms and the plans start at $7.95 per month. It offers a wide range of useful features, like cPanel + Linux integration, 300% green hosting, Optimized LiteSpeed, HTTP/3 & PHP7 integration, and RAID-10 SSD support. 

Also, GreenGeeks runs on multiple robust data centers, has an advanced infrastructure, a competent support team, Cloudflare integration, and Git compatibility. If you want to run a safer website, the servers here focus on eco-friendly hosting. The main data centers with the best speed are based in Amsterdam, Canada, and the US.

  1. DreamHost 

DreamHost comes with a lot of useful features like 100% Uptime Guarantee, Unlimited SSD, Free domain & SSL, Unlimited traffic, and 97-day money-back benefits. However, the most notable thing about DreamHost is its low average global hosting speed, at 118.4 ms. 

Entrepreneurs expect and get the best response times while hosting their websites across its two data centers in the United States. At a distance, the speed can drop, like 242 ms in Singapore. But, that is still manageable for running WordPress sites compared to other alternatives available in the market. 

  1. Bluehost

The Basic hosting plan via Bluehost has an average speed of 153 ms and is highly useful for WordPress websites. The best features of the hosting provider include Cloudflare CDN support, 50GB SSD, Unlimited bandwidth, Linux + cPanel integration, and Resource protection benefits. 

Users get access to a well-organized support team 24×7 for any queries and technical help. The main data center for Bluehost hosting exists in the United States, and the speed gets slower at distant locations. 


Choosing the right hosting provider does help with improving the overall speed of one’s website. However, you should also consider other factors, like the server plan type- Dedicated or VPS. 

Keep in mind that your physical distance from the data center(s) of the provider company would also affect your site speed. Additionally, including multiple design components can lag the loading speed of the websites as well. So, research all of the options properly before settling on one that fits your needs the best. 

Author Bio: I’m Chris Wagner, Head of Content @ HostingPill. I regularly write about Hosting, Web servers, and WordPress. I have more than 9 years of Industry experience.