7 Common SEO Myths You Must Be Aware Of


If we talk about earlier times, SEO was just like an ancient medicine to Nurture the growth of the website. However, SEO becomes modern these days and it is a combination of both art and science.

Recently, the old SEO tactics are not working as they did in the past. Publishing quality of content is not just enough now, you have to do little more efforts to reach on the SERPs.

Therefore, today we will get a closer look at some Old SEO myths which you should forget right now.

#1 Myth: Website submission

One of the common SEO tactics to get traffic on the website is to ping google for your existence. SEO uses Webmaster to submit their website like newstricky to Google so; the Search engine knows about your site and gets to know how to rank it. Well, the time is changed. Now, the Search engine can find the website owner and you do not need to do struggle for it.

In recent times, paying for submissions is just a wastage of time and money. If your site has good quality content the google can search you easily.

#2 Myth: optimizing Meta Descriptions

Meta Tags or descriptions are known as an important part of SEO. Adding a long list of keywords often consider to be the best way to rank on search engines, but you should note there if it too much it may create a negative impact on SEO and rankings. Keywords stuffing sounds good to the target audience, but it is not worthy practically.

For example: (Keyword) content line 1 (keyword) content line 2 (keyword) content line 3 (keywords) so on.

This is called over-optimization and abusive SEO content that give you nothing. Google Drop this Meta tag and take you out from rankings.

#3 Myth: Backlinks are dead

In recent times, the hottest news is coming out that link building is dead. But it is not the truth. Nevertheless, the link building is dead for spammy and toxin links. If you want to rank your website you should still need high-quality backlinks for the potential results and performance on the search engine.

You do not need to generate links from directories. You should do it by mention your content on other blog posts that generate high-quality backlinks and you’ll get benefits.

#4 Myth: Reusing content

In earlier times, copying the content from another website and publishing it on your site is a common SEO tactic. This is also called a black hat SEO. This SEO trick can bring several keywords shown on the website. After the release of panda terms 2011, Google weeds out copied and duplicate sites.

If you are thinking to write a copy of other blogs, then you should avoid it. Google will not crawl the copied content, so make sure to write unique and plagiarized free content to rank on SERPs.

Google will search your own if you are delivering some unique and best quality content. So be focused.

#5 Myth: Low Domain Authority is not okay

Domain Authority is important to rank and get a qualitative response, but it is just a myth. DA is metric gebrta5ed by Moz authority to check the value or quality of a website in numbers. The higher the number is, the more you will feel good to interacts with. It’s a human methodology.

If your site has high DA, it’s really good, but don’t stress too much. Every site has not gone to claim high DA rank like Wikipedia or other websites. You just do work hard and also keep in mind DA will take time to increase.

Topical Authority is also important to keep in mind if you want to increase your ranking.

#6 Myth: Focuses on on-page SEO

On-page, SEO is important to rank in search engines. You have done everything correctly. Meta tags are done, produce high-quality content with targeted key phrases, image is optimized, etc. Apart from this, you have to focus on other things too to get rank.

  • Focus on user experience: Make sure your content and site is user friendly. Your site should take less time to load on each device.
  • Work on off-Page SEO- create multiple backlinks from various channels so google can crawl you easily. You should register your site on a local listing like yahoo, yelp, etc.

#7 Myth: Create microsites

This strategy is quite successful. All you would need to spend little time creating microsites of your primary sites so you could get backlinks as well as creating a strong impact in search engines. It is just another way to develop a strong performance on the primary website.

Wrapping UP

Well, the lists are never going to end. There are countless myths related to SEO. But as an SEO expert, you should believe in your plans and focus on generating good content as well as collecting links from another site.