8 Useful Tips To Build Your Brand With Higher Engagement On Instagram

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Instagram is growing at an incredible rate compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. More than one billion monthly active users are using Instagram. Because of this higher engagement, Instagram has caught the attention of many marketers. Instagram makes an easy way to connect with wider audiences and interact with them to improve their engagement on their business.

Growing your followers, increasing likes for your posts, tagging others, and commenting on the content results in an increased engagement rate. Over 50 billion posts are being shared on Instagram every day, and more than 4,2 billion people hit like for the post every day. Drive this high competition with your high quality content and build your brand by engaging more people in your account.

Here are some interesting tips to improve your engagement rate and grow your brand to a higher level.

Tip #1: Get To Know The Right Time To Post

The main aim of building your brand is to view your content on Instagram by your audience and involve them in your business. Gain quicker results by making your audience active in your content. You can easily achieve this by knowing your audience’s active time.

Instagram provides an inbuilt feature called Instagram Insights to make the above task easier. Spend some of your time by monitoring the insights and tracking when your audiences are active on Instagram. With this analysis, you will know when is the right time to post, making your content displayed on the top of your follower’s feed.

Commonly, the best time to post on Instagram is between 11 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM. Scheduling your important post on weekend days will get a higher response among your audience.

Tip #2: Posting Your Content Regularly

The great challenge to grow your business or brand is to engage your audience with your content. Building a loyal following on Instagram includes posting your content regularly with an interesting concept. Entertain your audience with your creative content showing your commitment and sincerity in building your brand. Post new and inspiring content once a month to think about your brand by your audiences.

Consistently posting your content will make your audience visit your page regularly to engage in your content. This builds a loyal relationship with your followers, making a way to boost your engagement rate for your business.

Tip #3: Engage With Instagram Stories

Engage With Instagram Stories

An interesting fact is that more than 500 million Instagrammers are using Stories daily either by posting or viewing them. Instagram stories are an excellent way to engage your followers with your content and connect with your brand by sharing their opinion about your business directly.

Instagram stories feature includes stickers to make your engagement better. There are several stickers on Stories to create a loyal following for your brand. Some of the stickers are given below,

  • Question Sticker – Using this sticker, you can improve your conversation with your followers and let a way to know more about your brand or business.
  • Quiz Stickers – Quiz stickers allow you to share multiple-choice questions and track the results of each person who has voted and know their opinion.
  • Countdown Sticker – If you want to grab your follower’s attention, use this sticker. Before launching a new product or any important announcement, add the countdown sticker that counts the date and time.

Tip #4: Prepare Video Content

Prepare Video Content

Content in video format makes engaging and attractive among your audiences. Compared to images, video content receives 38% higher engagement. Showing your brand through visual content will get a higher response creating brand trust among your followers. 

Usually, the video length on Instagram is 60 seconds. But recently, Instagram introduced IGTV (Instagram TV) to post your content for 15 minutes. Using IGTV, you can shoot a tutorial video about your product usage that helps to increase the count of IGTV views with higher engagement. And your followers will also know about your product in detail.

Tip #5: Try Out By Streaming Live

Try Out By Streaming Live

Streaming out live on Instagram is an excellent way to connect with your audience directly and build higher engagement for your brand. Most people prefer to watch a Livestream video instead of reading a blog. 

With the help of Live video, you will find a way to answer your audience’s questions in comments through live and welcome your audience to engage them throughout your live. Increase your sales directly by showing your landing page to buy your brand in the video.

Tip #6: Boost Your Post Having Higher Performance

The best way to increase your brand reach and get higher engagement is by boosting your already published Instagram posts. Select your top-performing post by using the Instagram analytics tool. Choose the post with higher likes, comments, and shares and boost the same post again through Instagram ads.

Instagram ads help you to achieve your objective over a very short period. Using Instagram ads, you can define your target audience by selecting the interest, behavior, age, location, and gender. Then start performing your ad with the best performing post and achieve more engagement reaching out to new audiences.

Tip #7: Pay Attention To Your Hashtag Selection

pay attention to hashtag selections

Analyze the hashtag, which drives more people to your post, and improve your engagement by choosing the right hashtag. Hashtag plays a vital role in enhancing your brand visibility. You can directly select a relevant hashtag in the search bar or use the Hashtag Analytics tool.

With the help of the Hashtag Analytics tool, you can track the hashtags used on your every post. See which post drives more engagement, and choose those hashtags for your other posts. Selecting the right hashtags will increase the impression of your content and build your brand.

Tip #8: Quicker Response To Comments

Your online presence on Instagram motivates your audience to engage with you frequently. After posting your content, you will start receiving some response to your post by comments. Acknowledging their comments will create positivity among your followers, and they will be eager to interact with you in the future. 

Share favorite comments of your audience on your Instagram stories by tagging them, which creates more engagement for existing audiences. There is also a chance to get new audiences when your audience shares your response comment on their page, improving your brand engagement.

Wrapping Up:

Instagram gives you enormous ways to build a higher engagement for your brand and improve your business’s growth. Creating unique and engaging content on your Instagram account will definitely grab your follower’s attention to your brand. Choosing Instagram to promote your business is the right way to get a higher response.


Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at PlanYourGram.com. She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.