Authenticity vs. The Algorithm: Why Money Can’t Buy Customers

The rise in social media advertising has left many app users overlooking ads that appear in their feed. As many industries navigate across the process of building brand awareness in the digital world, many companies are left asking what is the most effective way to connect to your ideal consumer?

Why Does Brand Awareness Matter? 

Brand awareness is critical for the success of an organization. When consumers recognize a company’s brand or logo they can more easily acknowledge the organizations’ offerings. Increasing your brand awareness can increase click-through rates or conversion rates substantially. That being said, brand awareness takes time to develop a solid reputation.

Social media and other online platforms have created a great way to directly target consumers in a way marketers have not seen. The problem? The cost of acquiring a new customer has increased. Brand awareness quickly focused on how content was being distributed rather than what the content was displaying. That being said, to create great brand awareness, companies must present an authentic valued approach. Here are a few tips to consider if you are creating a marketing campaign.

1. Highlighting Your Customers and Expertise

Featuring experts in your industry can help build authentic connections with the people viewing your content. For example, you could build trust by sharing a founder’s story or featuring employees from a wide variety of departments in your brand marketing. You could also

make your customers the subject of your brand marketing strategy. 

2. Education

Make sure to provide potential customers something informative. Nobody wants to be interrupted with the content just focused on selling. Consider implementing a blog, webinar, or other material that can provide information. 

Social media is great for building brand awareness, and paid ads certainly still have value in marketing. However, businesses should focus on authenticity when creating content. This can help consumers fostering trustworthy and long-lasting connections. If you are interested in learning a few more tips for adding brand awareness to your marketing campaign, check out the resource below.

Infographic created by Beantown Media Ventures