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All a business needs is a bunch of loyal customers to keep it running smoothly. But, with the rise in competitions, how would one be able to achieve such a feat? The only answer is using a powerful CRM tool. 

However, there are many CRM software solutions which make it tough for you to decide. Hence, we have rounded up some of the best CRM software for you to choose from.

Top CRM software in 2021

1. PeppyBiz:

PeppyBiz is an emerging software solution that serves as a comprehensive customer database. Our software is not only a database but also a perfect combination of automation and other modern tools. With our software, you can manage all your customer data under one roof. You can also use reporting tools to find quality leads and how best to handle them.

Some popular features are

  1. Workflow automation.
  2. Customisation.
  3. Lead segmentation.
  4. Marketing tool integration.

Moreover, you also get 24/7 customer support to help you solve any issues with the software.

2. NotifyVisitors:

If you are in need of software that works across multiple platforms, NotifyVisitors must be your choice. Improving customer loyalty is the business’ utmost priority. This software helps in that area by allowing you to engage customers through various channels. With the help of this software, you can create lead forms that are more engaging. Moreover, it also has tools that assess your customers’ Net Promoter Score (NPS). There are also many options with which you can segment your users to provide them with more personalised content.

3. Keap:

Just like every other CRM, Keap also offers you a number of automation tools. It greatly improves the way you interact with your customers. Most small businesses use this software because of the simple and easy-to-use automation builder. This makes the best CRM software category because it hosts plenty of options for you to interact with your customers. You can also set up reminders and appointments using their CRM tool.

4. Zoho CRM:

Zoho is popular among small and large businesses alike. It has all the necessary tools of basic CRM software. A point to note is the easy implementation of the software. It has extensive customisation options that make it easy for your employees to adapt. It is the ideal solution for someone with a low initial investment in their hands.

5. Salesforce CRM:

It is a cloud-based solution that has every tool a CRM needs. It has various editions for small and large businesses. Since Salesforce is a major player in the CRM game, it offers the most advanced tools one could ask for. It is a very easy to use software with a simple UI and special tools like opportunity management. Recently, it also unveiled a learning platform that helps your employees train in the software. You do not even need to spend your money on assigning experts to train your new employees. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the best CRM software solutions in the market.


Nowadays, all CRM tools have automation to reduce the work burden on the employees. It also lets them focus on core activities rather than routine tasks. Start collecting valuable customer data now!

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