Here’s How You Can Get So Much More Out Of Your Employees

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Whether you have the word entrepreneur on your business card, business leader or manager, it doesn’t really matter; one of your most important responsibilities is inspiring those around you to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. It’s about making them more productive, effective and efficient. It’s about boosting their morale and […]


Should Your Business Accept Bitcoin

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You should have heard the terms “Bitcoin” and cryptocurrencies” being thrown around quite a bit online recently. Even though cryptocurrencies – those forms of money that only exist in a digital form on the blockchain – has been a hot topic in financial circles for years already, it is starting to creep into the business […]


Don’t Slip On These Business Banana Skins

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Many people start up a business every day. In the first year, 90% of startups will fail, and this is usually because they have made some common, but silly mistakes. Entrepreneurs may try to get too big too fast and end up putting what they already had in jeopardy. If 90% of startups fail, you […]


The Power Of Modesty – 3 Success Tips For Digital Entrepreneurs

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If you’re asked to think about what kind of traits contribute greatly to making an entrepreneur as successful as they can possibly be, you’ll likely come up with a bunch of type-A, alpha characteristics, such as a tendency to be proactive, forcefulness in the workplace, being comfortable with conflict, assertiveness, self-belief, even to a fault, […]


Your Five-Step Guide To Leading Your Business

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Leadership sometimes thrusts itself upon people who were not expecting it. Let’s take the case of entrepreneurs, for instance. They start out with an idea and then find that they can make it a reality, and then before they know, they’re in charge of a venture that’s much bigger than themselves. When they’re in this […]


Starting A Business With Almost Zero Knowledge

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Starting a business is no easy task, so if you’re up to the challenge and willing to take the plunge, then you’ve already taken a gigantic step towards entrepreneurship. More often than not, making that initial decision is a lot harder than most people think and you’d be surprised at how smoothly your business can […]