Coffee Might Actually Make You a Better Leader

Many people rely on their morning to kick start their day and feel energized. Coffee can easily take away the usual morning grump and fatigue. We all know that you have to work more than an average person to become a leader. Unfortunately, 24 hours a day are not enough to get everything done. Hence, most people urge to become successful and cut their sleep short to attend to more critical tasks. In western countries, coffee is as much a part of the day as you think coffee might actually make you a better leader? 

If we look at the daily tasks from a leader’s perspective, they surely need more brainpower. After a particular time, your brain gives upon you, and you have to boost your intellect. Sleep helps in rejuvenating you physically and mentally. What do you do when you have zero time to take a quick nap? A quick caffeine boost is phenomenal and makes your brain gear up and start working more creatively. Hence, leaders swear by coffee and consider it their daily companion, which they cannot do without. Let’s scrutinize coffee from various perspectives and see why it is such a game-changer for some people. 

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Why does everyone swear by coffee? 

According to Yurii Brown, Certified Barista and Founder of Coffeegeeklab says “great ideas pop in your mind after you have a great cup of coffee.” We cannot agree with him more; coffee lovers truly explore their creative side after their early morning caffeine boost. Many leaders and entrepreneurs swear by the power of coffee. People who have been distant to the idea of depending on caffeine never truly understand the perspective of a coffee lover. Let’s explore why many people swear by coffee: 

  1. Increases focus 

If you want to have a successful career or be creative, a good mental space is essential. Most people wake up in the morning feeling cranky and groggy. It takes half of the day for some people to sober up and start focusing on the tasks at hand. It would be so delightful if a person has high spirits since they wake up to bed. 

 Unfortunately, you cannot get the energy you desire naturally or through shortcuts. Well, there is one shortcut named coffee which most people depend upon to boost their energy. The caffeine in coffee hikes up your energy and stimulates your brain activity. Now you know why people make a run for coffee first thing in the morning. 

  1. Improves brain health 

There are a lot of misconceptions about coffee and how it is poisonous to your health. We can assure you that half of the information you hear about coffee from people are myths. Coffee helps in protecting your brain against dysfunctionalities and degenerative diseases.  

We were shocked to hear these facts because there is always so much misconception about coffee and health. Coffee makes you think smarter and prevents your brain cells from dying earlier than they should. Hence, many people in leadership roles swear by coffee as they help them feel out-of-the-box and be more creative. 

  1. Boosts energy 

Most of us who are aiming for a successful life have ten thousand tasks a day. We barely have the energy or power to skim through the day with the same spirit. Coffee acts as a great pick-me-up and provides an instant kick of energy that we all love. 

 Caffeine in coffee targets the adrenal glands that are responsible for providing us with a burst of energy. In return, the adrenal glands give a quick adrenaline rush which helps us tackle most tasks throughout the day.  

  1. Good mood  

Leadership requires the right kind of attitude and calmness as you handle a lot of people. Your mood can make or break your day and also the type of impression you leave on people. Coffee can be an indirect help in maintaining your demeanor and keeping you cool.  

The caffeine kick in the coffee makes your mind calmer and helps in increasing brain power. Hence, you become more tolerant and focused on your task. People trust coffee to alleviate your mood. 

Things to keep in mind if you like coffee 

Coffee is a magical drink that is sorting out most people’s life issues. However, we all know that excess of anything can lead to severe problems. Similarly, if you have a high dose of caffeine through coffee each day, you may experience some issues. Let’s explore what these issues are: 

  1. Addiction 

 Most people can become coffee addicts, and they have more than what they should consume. More than 400 milligrams of caffeine (4 cups of coffee) can lead to severe coffee addiction. We all know it is hard to get rid of addiction. Hence, moderation is the key, and coffee only benefits you when you have it in a smaller amount. 

  1. Lack of sleep 

To run the world or business like a leader, you need to be well-rested and full of energy. If you have an excess amount of coffee, you can mess up your sleeping pattern. People feel dizzy and intense headaches when they have too much coffee. Hence, you must limit your intake and be more mindful about the quantity. 

  1. Anxiety 

Coffee directly targets your adrenal glands, which can produce extra adrenaline. Your brain activity is also enhanced; the combination can be dangerous. Excess adrenaline can make you feel super anxious all day. Hence, if you have anxiety already, you should avoid coffee. 


Coffee is one of the best things that can happen to you on your dull and dark days. If you aspire to become a leader, then leadership qualities are essential. However, you need some sort of a mood booster and brain stimulation sometimes.  

In times when you feel you need more energy, coffee might be the answer. However, it is crucial to control the amount of coffee you consume. Excess of anything can lead to health issues, and the same is the case with coffee. Coffee might actually make you a better leader, but personal qualities also matter.