Covid-19: Work From Home Opportunities to Consider

Teach Online

You can teach various subjects from the comfort of your own home. This is an excellent option for those with a college degree and a desire to help others. If you have a passion for education, you will also enjoy this option as it allows you to make money from your passions. Thousands of people out there need educational assistance from highly-qualified individuals such as yourself. You can find them through various websites online offering teaching jobs at…including even Craigslist.

Just remember that if your goal is making money from home, teaching online might not be the best option as there are very few ways for you to make a ton of money and keep it. This is because most (if not all) of your work can be completed within the span of a few hours, which means you won’t have much time left over for side-hustles… but you will end up with a great experience that employers will pay top dollar for.

Business Writer

If writing is your strong suit (and English was always one of your favorite subjects), then there are many online opportunities where you can write about virtually anything and get paid for it! Many companies need writers who specialize in specific topics such as finance, fashion, health/beauty, sports, etc. The good news is that these jobs are often flexible means you have the freedom to work when you want.

Office Clerk

You really can’t go wrong working as an administrative professional if that’s what you’re good at. This type of job requires virtually no specific skillset since support staff needs only computer literacy… but having a degree in office administration will give your resume a boost with potential employers. The pay is typically average for this industry, but you can make extra money through referrals and commissions from your employees.

If you’re not into working in a stuffy office all day long but still enjoy administrative support work, then consider becoming a virtual assistant or freelance writer/editor/proofreader. Not only will it be a lot more fun to do your job from home, but these positions often come with high-paying salary opportunities too.

Make Money Online (Without A Website)

If you’ve ever tried making money online before (with or without an actual website), then there’s no doubt that you were told about various affiliate programs which pay you for referring potential customers to their websites. While this is true to some extent, the problem with this type of money-making is that it can be a hassle sometimes to promote other people’s products and services that you may not even use yourself.

Social Media Manager

This excellent job opportunity comes with tremendous earning potential since it involves socializing on social networks. You can make money by selling products, services, and even your self-branded merchandise online.

To get started as a Social Media Manager, you need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications and extensive experience working in a marketing role. However, this job is not for everyone. It requires you to be an expert at engaging with social media, know how to effectively market new products, keep up with the latest trends of popular websites/apps, etc. You may start doing some assistant work before moving up the ladder into more exciting opportunities, such as managing a team of marketers or strategizing about increasing website traffic.