How To Spot A Text Message Scam

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Mobile phones have become a constant companion for many people around the world. Even with the presence of social media networks and messaging platforms that allow online communication—such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp—many still choose to use SMS, whether for work or personal purposes. With this, you must be wary of scam artists targeting you […]

How to Build a Rainy Day Budget

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Image Source Many Americans know the importance of building an emergency fund, but few are able to do so successfully. Research from the AARP found that 53% of American households lacked an emergency savings account.  Not only are Americans unprepared for emergency expenses, but most households would struggle with an unexpected $400 expense, according to […]

Becoming a State Prosecutor: Steps You Should Follow

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A prosecutor is someone who represents a local, state, or the government in a criminal case. A prosecutor usually prosecutes accused criminals by file charges and providing evidence through information. Prosecutors generally fight against a defense attorney who represents the accused criminal. Becoming a state prosecutor is a prestigious job, and one can fight crime […]