Blockchain Statistics – Why Blockchain Matters in 2021

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This post was originally published on The adoption of blockchain is surging. Users have registered over 70 million blockchain wallets as of halfway through 2021, up from just 10.98 million at the end of 2016. They’re spending on the blockchain, too. As of June 2021, the world saw 2.58 cryptocurrency transactions every second. What is blockchain? Why should you […]

How to Define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). If “DEI” or any of the variations – EDI or DIE – were a brand, the marketing lead would be fired for developing and launching a mixed message marketing campaign with dangerously false advertising. The DEI “brand” is deeply misunderstood, and the words are used uncritically and interchangeably. As a practitioner […]

Tips to Prepare Your Business for Office Relocation

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Businesses opt for relocation of their office space for different reasons. Some companies don’t have enough space to meet the requirements in their current facility. While others have surplus space that they can’t even fill, costing them a significant amount of their lease renewal. Moreover, many companies relocate because they want to step into new […]


What is Staking, and How Does Staking on Exchanges Work?

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  Staking is the process of holding your crypto coins into the proof of stake blockchain algorithm networks to validate the transaction and earn crypto rewards.  Mining and trading are the most significant ways to earn crypto rewards, whereas staking is a simpler alternative to earning crypto rewards while holding crypto coins.  Several experts and […]


28 Digital Signage Content Creation Tools

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This article was originally published at Get noticed with the right digital signage content creation tools Digital signage content can help you get your message out, but it only has an impact on your business and team if it’s relevant and compelling. Luckily, turning your content strategy into memorable visuals that get noticed doesn’t […]