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5 of the Best Screen Recording Software 2020

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Nowadays, filming the computer screen for sharing is quite common. Users can record screenshots of classic tricks, videos, or games to share with people for a variety of purposes. Today, we would like to introduce to you the five best computer screen recording applications. RecordCast  RecordCast allows users to easily record videos playing on the […]

5 Common Accidental Sources of Data Leaks

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Image Source In cybersecurity and infosec, it’s common to assume that criminals are behind all data breaches and major security events. Bad actors are easy to blame for information leaks or account takeovers, because they’re the ones taking advantage of vulnerabilities in systems to worm their way in and cause massive damage. But how do […]


Smart Buyer: 5 Tips on How to Do Online Shopping

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Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many lives have been affected, and routines have been disrupted. In places where quarantine and lockdown measures are observed, individuals are confined in homes, with limited ways to unwind and distract themselves from the crisis outside.  One of the things that people find comfort today is online shopping. Since […]

Warehouse Management: Definition, Challenges, and Why it’s Crucial for Business

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Image Source Whether you have enough inventory to fill multiple football stadiums or barely enough to fill a one-car garage, managing your products’ journey is essential for ecommerce and retail success. Customers expect to receive the products they order in the specifications they selected as quickly as possible.  It sounds simple enough, but how do […]