Creative Digital Strategies for Ecommerce to Rise Above Covid-19


Traditional shopping as we know it has immensely been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic. Whereas e-commerce and digital shopping has quickly been gaining momentum, it has even gone a notch higher in the wake of this pandemic. Without a doubt, more people are inevitably ordering goods and services through e-commerce sites. How then can website managers and owners scale forward to ensure that they remain afloat amidst this crisis?

Here are some strategies that can adequately support e-commerce websites to rise above Covid-19.

Use Online PR to Inspire Confidence

No doubt this is a rather uncertain time and more than ever before, people are looking forward to positive stories amidst this crisis. Even as people use your website to shop and get their daily supplies, you can seize the moment to inspire and motivate them. In other words, you will need to assure them that indeed this is a moment that won’t last very long.

If your e-commerce site has to stand out, you will also need to come out as a confident service provider who understands the needs of his clients as well as the hard times we are living in. Instead of using your website only for sales and profit-making, use to send messages of hope and craft your message around the pandemic and there is a bright future ahead.

Don’t shy away from selling the benefits of your business at this time using actionable Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). This, however, comes from understanding the industry and knowing the space you are operating very well. Digital consultants and SEO company Gold Coast area can offer credible advice.

Enhance Organic Visibility

Search engines are currently playing an important role in relaying information. The public, on the other hand, is constantly hunting for reliable, accurate information, which can only come through proper filtering. This kind of information will eventually determine how much organic visibility your website gets. As such, it is time to ensure that you curate content that will enhance organic visibility as more people get on board.

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt life in general, keyword placement will significantly determine how much e-commerce websites perform. Relevance, timeliness, and moving with the trend is key to remaining digitally visible is paramount and central to gaining organic traffic.

Be Helpful On Social Media Platforms 

Organizations and individual professionals have taken to social media in this season as a way of staying updated and even doing business. You can take advantage of this increased traffic to make your social media pages useful in various ways.

Give Guidance: As production and transportation of essential commodities get limited, you can use your social media pages to direct customers on how they can make shopping easy. Make sure that the information and the guidelines you offer is credible and actionable.

Offer Budget SolutionsAs the economic crunch continues to hit, individuals are seeking appropriate ways of living within lean budgets. Use this opportunity to paint yourself as a digital organization that is concerned with the welfare of the people. Offer budget solutions to the masses as well as discounted rates for commodities.

Offer Unconventional Solutions

We are living in extraordinary circumstances and people are looking forward to getting over the situation as it is. Use your e-commerce platform to offer people unconventional solutions such as they purchase a commodity. Such approaches may include:

Free delivery: Find a way of having items delivered to the nearest drop points or even directly to their doors. Removing the conversion barrier occasioned by shipping costs and keep your sales volumes high to cover some costs

Free Returns: Return Policy has been a considerably big challenge that digital markets have to deal with. In this challenging period, you may need to revise your return policy to make it favorable to customers. Whereas doing this may not necessarily translate to a higher conversion rate, it will paint a good name for your business, which is essential for survival.

Extended Operational Hours: A major convenience of e-commerce websites is that one can shop around the clock. However, there are limitations in terms of delivery. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, you may need to do things differently. Work with authorities to deliver commodities against normal working hours and even to places that are hardest hit and to people who need them the most. T

Keep Your Digital Marketing Budget In Check

Extraordinary circumstances, call for extraordinary measures. Organizations have certainly cut their budgets and there isn’t much money to spend. In the same breadth, ensure that all the monies you allocate for digital campaigns go to the right channels and guarantee you some results in the long run. Where you may need to cut some budgets to cater for essential business needs, go ahead and do so. It is time to wisely choose how your budget allocations go.

The idea should be that your digital marketing budget focuses on the most essential tools and aims at a higher conversion rate amidst the crisis.


In this challenging time, businesses have to adjust to remain profitable and meet some obligations even at the bare minimum. However, it is also important to put in place post-COVID plans. For this reason, businesses have to evaluate their space and critically examine what must be done to rise above the crisis. In the eCommerce space, there is a silver lining in that there is an increase in the number of people that purchase commodities online.