Easy Ways Your Business Can Increase Recycling

Easy Ways Your Business Can Increase Recycling

Everyone loves an eco-friendly business, since these companies show that they understand their effects on the environment. Giving back to the community in which you work reflects positively on your brand identity and showcases your business’s responsibility. By reading about the easy ways your business can increase recycling, you can apply the necessary changes to your business. A business-owner who gives back speaks wonders to potential customers.

Educate Staff on Procedures

Once you’ve made a recycling plan, it’s time to tell your staff about it. Make sure all employees know what belongs in recycling bins and what doesn’t. This may sound obvious to some people, but it often isn’t. For instance, many people throw plastic bags or electronics into recycling bins, but neither type of waste belongs there. In fact, electronics break down over time and release harmful gases or other toxins. Instead, you should choose an e-waste recycling company to properly dispose of electronics for you.

A great way to remind staff of what does and doesn’t belong in recycling bins is using infographics. One idea is to put a poster on the wall above the recycling bins to outline what belongs there. It’s easy to forget and make mistakes, but staff will be more likely to properly dispose of garbage with this reminder.

Make Recycling Bins Accessible

Make sure all your employees have easy access to the recycling bins. Note that buildings with multiple floors should have at least one bin on each floor. When recycling waste becomes time consuming, people are less likely to do it. And if the process takes away from work time, then employees may feel even less inclined to recycle.

Furthermore, you should label bins by either color-coding them or labeling them directly with “trash” and “recycling.” This serves as a reminder to employees and helps them easily differentiate between trash and recycling bins.

Establish Recycling Team Leaders

An easy way your business can increase recycling is to have staff members help out. You may not have time to keep track of every employee, so have your staff help by appointing leaders. These employees can remind their coworkers about the importance of recycling. Likewise, they could establish an education program to further educate employees on how to be environmentally friendly. Becoming an eco-friendly business may take some planning, but creating a recycling system promotes employee participation!