Effective Ways To Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

As concerns for the planet grow, businesses of all sizes are expected to manage the impact that they have on the environment. Even small ventures can make a big difference, but it’s up to you to decide whether this is in a good or bad way. As well as the environmental benefits, adopting sustainable and green practices will improve the company image and lower operating costs, both of which boost profits. Although being eco-friendly requires time and effort, keeping wasteful and destructive procedures does you no good. With that in mind, here are ten ways to be green.


  1. Upgrade Any Old Equipment

The equipment in your office won’t work nearly as well now as it did when you first bought it. As technology gets older, it usually becomes less efficient. This means that devices use more power to carry out the same tasks. To remedy this problem, you should replace your equipment regularly. Although maintenance can keep devices running smoothly for a time, eventually you will need to go shopping. When you do, make sure you look out for energy-efficient models.

  1. Power Down At Night

Leaving lights and computers turned on at night is problematic for several reasons. The most obvious issue is that doing so means you’ll waste energy all night long. This is not only harmful to the planet but your bank balance too. Another problem is that those lights might draw attention to your premises, making them a target for vandals, thieves, and other crooks. Unless you can’t do so, you should power down your office every night, which will greatly reduce your energy bills.

  1. Talk To An Electrician

While there are many ways to reduce power consumption in an office, as an entrepreneur, you might not be aware of them. Thankfully, there are experts you can turn to. If you’re having trouble with excessive energy bills, then call in an electrician to help. They can make a huge difference in your business premises by replacing lighting and installing sensors, among many other things. Just make sure you conduct research to find an electrical expert you know that you can trust.

  1. Consider Other Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources, like water power, wind power, and, most commonly used, solar power, all create electricity in ways that don’t harm the planet. This energy is clean and green, as well as sustainable. By using one or more of those sources, you can power your business in an eco-friendly way. The only problem is that the cost of securing that power can be high. While you would make the money back eventually, you must look at your budget before making a decision.

  1. Allow Working From Home

Even when you use energy efficiently, powering an entire office will still have an impact. The commutes each of your employees have to take to work each morning are also harmful. Thankfully, these are problems you can eliminate by allowing your employees to work from home. When this isn’t an option for all employees all the time, be flexible. If only a few workers decide to work from home, you might be able to downgrade the office, which has its benefits.

  1. Install A Bicycle Rack

Being a huge contributor to emissions, cars cause the planet a lot of harm. Because of this, you should encourage your employees to take a greener form of transport. While public transport is more efficient than cars, bicycles are better still. By installing a bike rack outside the office, you make cycling to work easier for those willing to. That alone may be enough to convince workers to give up their cars. If it doesn’t, however, you could offer special treats as an incentive.

  1. Buy Supplies In Bulk

When an essential supply runs out at work, whether it be pens or coffee, an obvious solution is to send an employee out to buy more with the company credit card. However, doing so will not only cost you more money but increase your carbon footprint. A more eco-friendly way to shop would be to buy those supplies in bulk. This limits the number of trips you have to take to the suppliers. If possible, you should buy from a local company, as this limits your travel time too.

  1. Make Less Paper Waste

Among the many resources businesses frequently waste, paper is likely the largest. Printing many documents each day is a costly process, but it harms the environment too. Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce paper waste in your business. You can start by storing documents on the cloud, rather than in filing cabinets. Email and social media are also great replacements for paper marketing, like flyers. Taking notes on a notes app is greener too.

  1. Sort Through The Trash

Although you can reduce the waste you produce, you’re unlikely to eliminate it completely. However, you can be more eco-friendly by disposing of your trash in the right way. Rather than throwing plastic and paper in with general waste, you should separate them into different recycling bins. This means that those materials will be used again later. Where other trash, like old technology, is concerned, you must call in experts and ask them to take any devices away.

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  1. Decorate With Office Plants

Office plants have many benefits that most people aren’t aware of. With its decorative value, greenery is also known to reduce stress and boost productivity in a work environment. Plants also purify the air, which reduces carbon emissions. By decorating your office with plants, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Every plant has this capability, but some are much better at it than others. For the greatest effect, pick bamboo palms, spider plants, or peace lilies.

Making a green business can certainly seem like a difficult task. Thankfully, it’s much easier than most people assume. With the advice above, you can reduce the impact you have on the planet, as well as reduce the operating costs of your business.

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