Tips To Become A Freelancer In The Gig Economy

By now you’ve heard of the gig economy – the shift from traditional employment working for someone else to being your own boss. But what are the benefits of being a gig worker and what does it take to succeed as a freelancer?

Freelance benefits:

  • Flexibility to choose when you work and how often.
  • Decide when you take vacations and days off.
  • Build a portfolio that highlights your skills, making you more desirable to multiple clients.
  • Never be bored – the constant variety of projects lets you enjoy working with many people doing projects that interest you.
  • Working freelance provides personal fulfillment and job satisfaction.

How to succeed:

Use these tips to become a freelancer in the gig economy and enjoy all the benefits of working for yourself:

  • Establish a routine – many freelancers work best if they maintain a working schedule with some structure.
  • Establish a productive work area – whether it’s a home office or coworking and sharing office space with other freelancers, you need space where you’re productive and free from distraction.
  • Network – it’s not just clients you need to reach, talk to other freelancers in your industry. Networking is a great way to get more clients through word of mouth.
  • Purpose – keep your ideals and purpose in mind, using your desire to be self-employed as your driving factor to succeed.
  • Market yourself online – this means building an online portfolio of successful projects that you can share with prospective clients. It also means building a website and setting up social media accounts to market your skills online.

Use what you’ve learned here to launch your freelance career and join the thousands of others who are enjoying the freedom of being a gig worker. For more information about the gig economy jobs, check out this guide for gig facts and best practices for workers and companies.

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