What Are The Top Highest Paying Freelance Skills In 2019?


As we near year-end, it’s worth knowing what are the top, highest paying freelance skills in 2019. That’s because these skills would largely be relevant to 2020 as well, that’s just around the corner.

This list of eight skills rank have the highest demand and pay the most. America’s gig economy is set to grow to 60 million workers by 2027. By that year, most Americans will be freelancers. If you’re planning on jumping the bandwagon, here’re topmost and highest paying freelance skills in 2019.

Knowing these skills can help you chart the future course of your freelance career.

Top & Highest Paying Freelance Skills in 2019

The majority of these top and highest paying freelance skills enable you to work online. Therefore, they can provide the luxury of working on flexible hours. Furthermore, freelancers also enjoy happier lifestyles and earn more money.

If you’ve any of these skills, you could consider joining the ever-growing gig economy of the US.  You can also invest in other skills in order to support your career goals.  If Physics is a career goal than look for ways to improve your GCSE Physics scores.

Artificial Intelligence Programming

Whether or not we like it, Artificial Intelligence or AI is here to stay and grow. Machine learning, automated processes are just about becoming popular. In fact, they’re rapidly taking over various functions that require intelligence but not necessarily a flesh-and-blood human to perform.

The financial sector is a key area where AI is making a mark. This is evident from the fact that numerous banks and investment companies now offer Robo-advisors.

Similarly, the bulk of transactions including complex investments are possible over the phone.  Ai is a top and highest paying freelance skill in 2019. And is expected to remain on top of the list for the next few years.

Online Tutoring

There’s an ever-growing demand for courses in subjects of the American elementary and high school curricula in foreign countries. China ranks among the largest market for various courses from the American curricula, mainly the English language, math and science subjects. Consequently, we have numerous websites that hire online tutors.

Some online tutors have also become millionaires within a short period, claim some websites. This is one of the evergreens and top freelance skills that is in demand in 2019.

Working as online tutor doesn’t require any specific academic qualifications. Instead, your proficiency at a subject and style of presentation matter a lot. If you can get Chinese or other foreign students to understand your lessons and score well at exams, you’re a successful online tutor. There’re several websites where you can enroll as a freelance online tutor.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing by some employers. It is a top and highest-paying skill in 2019 for freelancing. Indeed, most businesses prefer hiring a freelancer for digital marketing. That’s because they don’t require digital marketing processes to be performed for a few hours on some days of the week. Furthermore, every business has different digital marketing needs and looks for various skills among freelancers.

Any digital marketer or online marketer working as a freelancer can get a huge income. Generally, companies hire freelance digital marketers for specific projects or to boost their online presence in a highly competitive market. This is yet one more skill in 2019 that offers the highest pay to freelancers. It’s also possible to work for foreign companies from your location.

Financial Advisory

The threat of an economic recession hitting the world with full force has been looming around since mid-2018. Consequently, the common American investor worries about the security of their investment and overall, retirement and other plans. A mortgage is another cause of concern for most Americans. As a result, freelancers providing financial advisory services remain in high demand in 2019. This trend is expected to gain momentum making financial advisory one of the highest paying freelance skills in the USA.

Why would the trend continue? Trade wars between the US and China, instability in certain parts of South America, Brexit and lots of other issues seem to point to an economic recession. Understandably, economic recessions aren’t a frequent phenomenon. But neither are they rare. During the last economic downturn, we saw thousands of Americans become homeless due to mortgage foreclosures. Hence, nobody is willing to take similar risks now. People want excellent security for their money and the highest returns. And financial advisors are expected to provide those vital clues for investing.

Data Analytics

As America and the world move rapidly towards online shopping, the competition’s getting really hot. The only way to stay ahead in this rat-race is by learning how your own eCommerce portal or website is performing. And improving where necessary. This can be done only through data analytics. The field sounds perplexing and yes, it is definitely complex. That’s exactly why it ranks among the top and highest paying freelance skills in 2019. Again, this is a freelance skill that’s here to stay for the long term.

Data analytics involves going through complex numbers and other details to find out information of different kinds. This can include customer demographics, cost per conversion and conversion ratio, campaign efficacy, snags in client service and lots more. It depends on what information is an online business looking for. Data analytics helps businesses improve their online eCommerce performance and bag more customers.

In Conclusion

These five topmost and highest paying skills for freelancing will continue to dominate the market for quite a few years. If you don’t possess these skills already, it’s high time to do a short course and acquire something that suits you.

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