Eight Popular Promotional Items That You Should Consider Including in Your Upcoming Marketing Strategy


There are many promotional items that you can give away to your customers, but if you want an effective strategy then take a look at the eight most popular promotional items below. These custom logo products online will be sure to get people’s attention and provide them with something they will want to retain. 

1. Company logo face mask

Everything has to go along with the trend, right? A recent study found that 57% of consumers would be more likely to do business with an advertiser who gave them custom face masks! Masks are not just for fashion or protection against pollution anymore; they’re also practical and necessary products given how often people wear them nowadays (over 80%). With estimated 4,235 impressions per promo mask over its lifetime and high-quality product offerings available from established brands like Biodermis Labs, this promotional product will provide lasting value as both an attractive advertising opportunity and a valuable consumer product.

2. Smart water bottles

The Smart Bottle has taken personal hydration to the next level. This innovative bottle not only keeps your drink cold or hot but also lets you know when it’s time to switch drinks, thanks to its touch-sensitive display lid that displays both temperature and comfort range indicators! This attractive product can be the best bet when talking about custom logo products online.

3. Three in one meeting book

Bullet journaling is an emerging trend that uses dotted notebooks to take organization, planning, and note-taking to the next level. This new movement has picked up steam on social media, with people citing it as a way of combating stress or keeping track of important events in their lives through bullet-point lists that are easily drawn using dots for breaks between pages. 

4. Drinkware

Custom promotional drinkware is a popular choice for businesses looking to promote their brand. Since many people will keep this item on hand for an extended period, it has a high ROI with the average product CPI under ¼ cent per year. Recently, reusable bottles and eco-friendly wheat tumblers have been trending due to environmental concerns about single-use plastic products being used too often.

5. Work from home goodies

With more than half of the offices still working from home, preparing custom logo products online that help your staff and customers work efficiently at home is another trend that has come up. 64% of consumers will keep work-from-home products if they deem them useful.

So, what makes for a valuable remote office item? Think about things that employees might have easy access to in the office, but not necessarily at their homes! If you’re supplying workers with everything they need to conquer their workday, your promotional product is much more likely to be seen as a must-keep accessory.

6. Customized tote bags

Tote bags are as popular now as they were in the 80s. They’re great for all kinds of occasions, from sporting events to weddings and everything in between! A custom bag is not only a perfect way to showcase your company’s brand, but it also boosts awareness more than any other promotional item you can buy because people keep them an average of 11 months with 3,300 impressions.

Totes have become so wildly successful that even millennials carry theirs around like purses and use them on vacation instead of suitcases or rolling luggage just about everywhere they go! The top three factors leading customers to keep their totes? Quality, utility (provides plenty of space), and attractiveness. Investing in these qualities will increase usage rates by making your product popular.

7. Environmentally friendly products

Last year, ASI found that sustainability is dominating consumer behavior and values. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for products that don’t hurt the environment. Nearly a third of women say they purchase sustainable items now than in previous years! This movement towards environmentally friendly goods could be attributed to 46% of consumers who hold favorable opinions about brands advertising environmentally friendly promotional products as opposed to those without an eco-friendly message in their marketing campaign (ASI).

8. Outerwear with a company logo

There are some new fashion trends to keep in mind for custom outerwear, and you may want to consider investing in them now. The first trend is all-inclusive sizing, which means that jackets should have extended sizes available or be able to employ belts to increase versatility with the same jacket style.  Another significant change is more people wanting puffer jackets. Still, they’re using synthetic down instead because it’s seen as an easy alternative if someone has allergies or doesn’t like animals being killed for their coats. Finally, there’s been a demand lately from consumers looking for lightweight garments, so make sure your options offer this too!

The main point of this blog post was to help business owners come up with creative promotional items. The first tip is that a company should offer something for everyone, so there’s no risk in the customer not liking it. There are many other ways you can use these eight items as promotional merchandise more creatively.