Functions and Advantages of Contacting Powder Coating Companies

Many people will say it is just some paint on the surface of a metal that makes it strong. But is there a better option? Can any other alternative increase the shelf life? Is there any other environmentally friendly option? The answer to these questions is powder coating. Read till the end to know the working and pros of engaging with the powder coating companies.

What is powder coating?

It is a process of coating that uses a dry technique to coat the metals etc. Since it is a powder-based method no solvent is used throughout the procedure. Highly refined particles like epoxy and polyester are used that are later exposed to a high temperature. Heat is kept on such levels that it melts the powder to form a smooth outcome. The next follow-up could be an electrostatic mechanism or the fluidized bed technique to congeal the coating. Being a crucial and demanding method, it is imperative to hire only expert powder coating companies.

Powder coating

What is better- Powder Coating or Painting?

There are ample pros that indicate that powder coating outshines the typical painting method. The reasons are:-

  • Resistance: Powder coating resists externalities like rust, weather, chemicals, scratches, etc., whereas regular paint cannot withstand such wear and tear.
  • Durable: The metals that have been powder coated are proven to last longer when compared to other metals. The metal can resits and tolerate extreme conditions without being damaged for almost 15 years.
  • Coverage: Powder coating spreads to a large area easily. However, the paint may not cover as much surface as the former technique on the other side.
  • Reuse: Being a cleaner process, powder coating’s residue can be reused that cuts on the wastage significantly.  Lesser amount of waste is generated hence making it good for the environment as well.
  • Safety: Experienced powder coating companies suggest that their technique is devoid of harmful chemicals like VOCs; hence, better at various factors. Contrarily, wet paint is prone to inflammation and also contains VOCs like hazardous compounds.
  • Cost: Due to longer durability, larger coverage, and reusable residue, powder coating stands more cost-effective than the painting option.

Yes, the advantages of this technique are not limited to that of the comparison detailed above. Powder coating in itself holds plenty of positives attributes. Some of them are:-

  • Easy application
  • Thicker coatings
  • Durably tougher
  • Lesser follow-up
  • Consistent finishing
  • Environment-friendly
  • Lower operational cost
  • Reduces chemical spill
  • Fire accidents are prevented.

How to hire a worthy doer?

Ensure to hire the powder coating companies that have the majority of the qualities, if not all. It is not a casual task that any inexperienced staff can perform. Best quality service beneficiaries must look for the following features in the doer.

  • Certified: It is highly imperative to check the licensing and other legit certifications required in the field. Hire someone who possesses ISO 9001 registration to be satisfied with the quality standards.
  • Versatile: The prospective company must have industrial and commercial experience. It should offer both manual and automated methods. Besides utility value, the aesthetic appeal should also be there.
  • Knowledgeable: Modification may be needed amid the process. So, it is the knowledge and skill of the company that will come to use to embrace any adaptations timely.
Powder coating

Budget is indeed an imperative factor while shortlisting the powder coating companies. However, do not compromise on the quality and safety features to avail of a lower package. Check the reviews given to them by the previous clients. Get genuine services and maximize powder coating’s durability and utility.