How To Generate Leads In Your B2B Business


For many entrepreneurs, it is challenging to set up a sales funnel that will generate enough leads for the business and cost less than the average value of clients. Thanks to the development of social media and online communication, you will not have to invest in expensive TV, radio, or print adverts to find out what works for your market. If you would like to learn more about your target B2B customer and their needs, you will simply have to do your research online and test some campaigns. In case you don’t know where to start, you can find a few tips below.


Lead Capture Pages

Once you have a corporate website that communicates your offers and the benefits for your potential clients, you should not settle there. In fact, you will need to add a lead capture page where people can get more information and understand how you can help them. When dealing with business customers, you will have to appear professional, and offer something that has a clearly visible value for them in exchange for their details.



You might also try to give away paid products or eBooks, case studies for clients who will be able to benefit from the information you are delivering and get to know you through the content. Once you have built reciprocity with your market, it will be much easier to turn your prospects into clients, as they already trust you and know about what you have to offer. If you can establish yourself on the market as an expert, you will have a better chance of generating and converting leads.



Some prospects will need more information and convincing to decide whether or not they would like to become a customer. If you can keep in touch with them for a few months, you will not lose the leads, but slowly but surely convert them into clients. If you set up a newsletter and implement an autoresponder as a part of your sales funnel, you can get them to connect with you on a personal and emotional level, so they will be more willing to consider your offer.


Online Groups

If you would like to figure out what your customers want, you will have to learn where they hang out online. They might be reading some online magazines and comment on them, take part in online conversations on forums and social media, and communicate their needs, their problems, and ask for advice. If you can be the person who answers their most urgent questions and advises them, you will have a better chance of turning them into customers at a later date.



In case you would like to focus on your personal branding, you will need to create a podcast, Thanks to the app and software developers’ hard work in recent years, it is easy to set up a podcast, and you don’t even need a professional video and voice recording equipment. You might even implement them into your B2B ecommerce for businesses strategy. If you have a decent laptop or computer, you will be able to create short educational podcasts your target B2B customer can listen to while driving to work or commuting to see clients.


Video Marketing

In case you think that most business owners will be interested in long case studies and white papers only, you are wrong. In some cases, they will only have a few minutes to spare, and one urgent question that needs answering. You can create educational slideshow videos that will explain a business problem, or simply use videos as a part of your newsletter sequence. Instead of asking your prospects to read a long article, you are only requesting a few minutes of their time and offer entertainment as well as information.



If you haven’t tried networking as a business to business marketing method yet, you are losing out. You can network in your local area or online, and become a voice of authority in your marketplace without having to pay a lot of money to reach out to qualified prospects. Business networking can be beneficial when you are trying to research your market or add people to your sales funnel. You can even keep an eye on your competition and find new business partnership opportunities.



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Business to business marketing is not much different from business-to-customer methods. However, you will have to stay professional and offer something valuable, while establishing yourself in the market as an authority figure and an expert.



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