Genius Ways To Keep Your Cost Down When Running A Business

The equation used in business to work out whether you are a success or not is easy. It’s simply, subtracting what you have spent from what you have earned and if you are in positive figures then you have made a profit. However, what can be a little more challenging is making sure that you have more money coming in than going out. Although, you will find some tips to help you do just that, below. 

Regularly assess your technology usage 

You can save a great deal of money if you regularly assess your technology hardware and software and cut out anything redundant. Indeed, as the software now often comes on a subscription basis you could be paying out a great deal for services you just aren’t getting your money’s worth from. 

Concerning hardware old, slow and faulty tech can cost you a fortune in time and employee motivation. Unused tech on the other hand can be sold or leased out to help bring in additional income that can offset some of the other costs of running your business. 

Finally, during your assessments, you will also need to make sure that any software you are using is updated regularly. This is because as well as functional patches, software updates commonly contain security patches, making them harder to hack. 

Invest in retention and recruitment 

It may seem odd to be talking about spending money in a post where saving is the focus. However, when it comes to retention and recruitment investment is always wise. The reason for this is that it can cost a vast amount to replace an already integrated and competent worker. Not to mention all the downtime that can be caused before the new person is brought up to speed. 

With that in mind, investing in things like bonuses, and incentives such as private healthcare, gym memberships, bike-to-work schemes, and meal box kits may cost you a little in the short term but save you a lot over the long term. 

Choose a franchise business model 

Not all businesses are created equal when it comes to running costs. Some in particular such as franchises offer an excellent opportunity to make profits, but with a much smaller outlay for costs. 

The good news is there is a myriad of low cost franchise opportunities to choose from at every budget. There are plenty of different markets that franchising a business can be profitable in too from fast food, to cleaning services and everything in between! 

Work from home 

Remote working is more common than ever right now, and by choosing this option you can save a huge amount of money when it comes to overheads. After all, when your staff is at home you won’t need to pay out for a premises, or someone to clean them. Utilities such as electricity and water can be eliminated too. Although, to make sure that your employees have a safe and ergonomic space in which to work, providing them with office furniture is still a smart idea. 


Automation can also save your business a great deal of money when done correctly. Automation isn’t just about robots doing manual jobs either, as many office-related tasks can be automated with the right software too. 

To maximize savings and efficacy choose repetitive tasks for automation. Then your staff will be left free to deal with more complex, mission-critical stuff. While at the same time you can be sure that your tasks are being done to a consistently high standard every single time. 

Green your business 

Another great way to reduce operating costs when running your business is to make changes that are also environmentally friendly. The reason that this works is that many eco-friendly options mean saving resources valuably not only to the environment but to your business as well. The more resources you save, the less you will have to pay out for and that means significant savings for your business. 

In particular, try switching to a paperless office, as this saves on paper, ink, and all the plastic contained in the cartridges. You may even consider using materials otherwise deemed as waste products to protect your products as you send them in the mail. 

Spend smart 

Even when trying to save, you will end up spending significant amounts of money when running a business. There are just so many resources and supplies that you will need. 

However, you can get more bang for your buck by spending smartly! For example, choose vendors that offer rewards schemes that give you money off the more you spend. Pick credit cards that provide cashback offers as well, and you will be saving even while spending!