Healthy Habits for Contractors To Get Into

Healthy Habits for Contractors To Get Into

Growing your business as an independent contractor or as a small business isn’t easy—every responsibility and every mistake falls on you. An excellent business with a high reputation begins with a healthy routine of good habits.

Whether it’s your personal health or business etiquette, practicing beneficial habits now will help you break free of negative ones and change the way you work. These healthy habits for contractors to get into will give your business the push it needs to attract new customers through consistent, happy reviews and a can-do attitude.

Transparency With Clients

While there are plenty of concepts that clients may not understand, there are some things you shouldn’t hide from customers who entrust you with a job. Many clients still have mental scars from past contractors who have burned them with shoddy work or poor time estimates. Some especially shady pseudo-contractors may have even scammed your clients.

One way to build trust with a client is by offering full transparency. If you don’t already, provide context for any work you need to do—especially extra work. Other ways you can practice transparency with clients as a contractor include:

  • Going through the final bill with them.
  • Offering a full summary of an issue with or without technical phrasing.
  • Inviting clients to keep you updated after you leave.
  • Providing time estimates with honest answers for any delays.
  • Informing clients of what you will and will not do.
  • Using images to go with your explanations of services or issues.

Keep Your Workspaces Tidy and Organized

Whether you work out of your truck, your home, or office space, staying organized will improve your image as a professional. A dirty vehicle may put your clients off when you arrive to a job, so keeping it clean inside and out will ensure that customers take you seriously. Avoid eating in your work vehicle whenever possible to keep trash to a minimum.

Another healthy habit for contractors to get into involves keeping your paperwork, tools, and equipment organized to help you work quicker. Maintaining a clean, organized storage space in the back of your truck and your office will help you know when you need to restock. You’ll also have easy access to documentation of repeat customers’ information along with the common forms you often need for any job.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you stay hydrated and take care of yourself during and after work. A worn-out contractor is more likely to make mistakes than a refreshed, healthy one. Every day is an opportunity to improve your skills in every aspect of your career—take advantage of learning moments and improved habits no matter how experienced you are in your field.