Ways To Academically Challenge Your Child

Ways To Academically Challenge Your Child

School is almost back in session, which means it is time to start preparing your child to get back into the flow of schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities. As your child begins learning new subjects in school, it is imperative that they remain engaged, even after school, for them to succeed.

Determine Their Established Abilities

Your child may be ready to begin learning subjects that are beyond their grade level; you can determine this by testing their advancement level. Based on their results, you can create a personalized “at-home lesson plan” for them so they can remain committed to their education during breaks.

Get Creative

Children may find it easier to adapt to advanced education if they are encouraged to think outside the box. When children’s minds are stimulated, they get excited about what they are learning, which is key when you are expanding their education outside of school.

For example, instead of solely working through textbooks, go outside with your child and allow them to experience a real-life science lesson. When you are at the grocery store, count the change with them at the register. You can challenge your child in a variety of ways; try teaching them about Albert Einstein by creating a space for them to dress up and act out Einstein’s life!

Setting Goals

An essential component of academically challenging your child is working with them to set goals. Your child needs something that they are working towards as they progress, and creating both big and small attainable goals will not only help them advance in school, but it will get them excited about their future. Setting goals will promote confidence and a sense of achievement in your child. Once they start setting their own goals, they will begin to realize their potential and be motivated to do their best both inside and outside of school.


As your child continues to learn, remember to check in with them often and figure out where they are succeeding and struggling. This allows you to adjust their schedule, set new goals, and help them find new interests within their lesson plan. Communicating with your child will also reassure them that you’re supportive, which is critical to their development.

Overall, your goal for your child is to see them thrive in everything they set out to do. As your child progresses through their school career, do not forget to celebrate with them as well. There may be ups and downs in their education, but it is important that you remain supportive as you academically challenge your child. Praising them for a job well done will inspire them to continue doing well, and they will reach their full potential.