The Hearty Handshake And The Heavy Hand – Improving Professional Working Relationships


When running a successful business, the relationships you nurture is everything. The right relationships can help to boost your skills, encourage growth and improve morale. But, are there any simple ways for you to improve your professional relationships? You may find that you are struggling from time to time to maintain that professional, yet personal, veneer. So, what are the things you need to know?


Positive Reinforcement Is Great For Everyone

This is prudent for any employee, as the ethos for improving and building constantly means that we don’t necessarily stop to take stock. If you have an employee that’s done something really well, congratulate them, inquire about the way they’ve gone about this, and move on. Positive reinforcement, even for yourself, inspires morale and encourages a far better working environment.


A Phone Call Is Better Than An Email

Communication is one of those things that can be lost in the ether, especially when we rely on emails to do our job for us. When you are working with supply chains, or clients that are providing technological respite for you, if there are constant issues, it is far more productive for you to pick up the phone, than send an email. An email can easily be misinterpreted and make matters worse. If you don’t know how to get your point across via email, it’s far better for you to pick up the phone. When you are looking at building new relationships, even with regards to something as simple as the managed IT services, which predominantly rely on internet communication, it’s far better for you to implement the personal approach, and get all the information you need, as well as let them know who you are. Think about it in terms of productivity; picking up the phone and speaking to someone, is far quicker than having to draft an email, read over it, and send it.


Give Them The Space To Do Their Job

One of the traits of a bad boss is having too much control, and asserting it, constantly breathing down the neck of employees. The best types of leaders allow their employees the physical and emotional breathing space to do what they are there to do properly and professionally. Once you’ve made it clear to your employees that they have the space to express themselves, they will respect you, and this important relationship you have between boss and employee begins to congeal naturally.


Relationships can be a very difficult obstacle to navigate, especially when you are so busy working on other aspects of the business. That’s because your company and everyone else involved, even on the outer periphery, rely on consistent communication. As well as being an open and honest entrepreneur, it’s vital that you provide a blank canvas, so your employees have faith in your ability, but clients also can work with you properly. There is a big focus on relationships in the workplace, but it’s an ongoing process that you can improve on, and as relationships build and bonds are formed, this doesn’t just impact you and your employer, this has a positive impact on the business overall.



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