How to Make Money During Quarantine: The Best Business Ideas

At the start of 2020, aspiring entrepreneurs could never have imagined the effect coronavirus would have on the business world. Although social distancing and quarantine have heavily impacted in-person businesses like event services and restaurants, it has opened a myriad of opportunities for businesses to meet the new and changing needs of consumers. Here are ways to make money during COVID-19.

Online Gaming

With the restrictions and bans of gaming hubs, movie theaters, among other entertainment places, online gaming has emerged as one of the conventional ways of providing entertainment in the safety of one’s own home. You can make money by opening a gaming business and even offer incentives such as £10 free no deposit to attract more players. 


If you are wondering how to make money for free and are not part of the high-risk population, some companies like Amazon and Instacart are hiring extra employees to match the hike in demand. Delivery and food pick-up services can use your help as many people stock up on supplies during the pandemic. That said, ensure your own safety and health and go over the guidelines for personal protective equipment.

Become an Online Tutor

If you have a specialized talent or skill, you can put it to good use by providing lessons. A lot of online tutoring companies need you to have certification and advanced education. It also helps if you’re available to work during peak hours when tutors are most needed.

Help People Get Fit

Wondering how to make money from home? With many stuck at home and not getting their usual workout or yoga sessions, now is an excellent time for those with a fitness certification and a background in proper training and workout techniques to take their talents online. The demands for remaining physically fit and active have soared, and the numbers can prove it. Presently 85 percent of the consumers are interested in livestreamed classes, while 73 percent are accessing recorded fitness videos. You can offer various skill levels to cater to everyone from those who want to embark on their fitness journeys for the first time while self-isolating at home.


The global pandemic has impacted billions of people. It’s no doubt the biggest disruption the world has experienced in decades. However, all disruptions also bring opportunities to come up with something new, adapt to the challenges, and improve on the systems that were in place. Our business ideas are just some amazing ways you can bring real value, start a new business, and make money in this pandemic. Have you made your entrepreneurial debut in the midst of COVID-19? How is it going so far? Please share your experience with us.

Author’s Bio

Alex Norwood is an experienced traveler and an online entrepreneur. He runs a successful eCommerce business and is always on the lookout for new lucrative ways to make money online. Traveling is Alex’s passion, and he has visited over 20 countries in the last 5 years.