5 Time Tracking Tools for a Virtual Assistant

Whether you have just started your hustle as a virtual assistant or you are already established in the industry, there must be a lot of work, effort, and patience that goes behind your work. 

As a virtual assistant, you start succeeding when you have good networking that helps you build a large business with multiple clients. The increase in the number of your clients also increases the complexity of the tasks that you perform for them. That is one of the reasons most virtual assistants rely on various task management tools.

Task management tools help them track and manage the tasks they are working on. Based on the kind of assistance they can provide, these tools fall under such categories:

  • Time tracking
  • Social media managing
  • Scheduling
  • Communicating

No matter what category they belong to, task management tools help you: 

  • Work efficiently
  • Ensure your activities are utilized in a correct manner
  • Stay calm and organized 
  • Meet deadlines without getting over-stressed

Managing the ‘time’

As a virtual assistant, it gets more important for you to manage your time because you work on multiple projects and deadlines. Good time management lets you accomplish your tasks in a shorter period, which gives you more free time that you can utilize for new learning opportunities. It also lowers your stress, helps you focus, which eventually leads to greater professional success. Each benefit of time management largely improves another aspect of your life.

There are end numbers of tools and software available today to help you follow a great time management scheme.

Let’s look into 5 of these time tracking tools for Virtual Assistants:


Toggl helps you in effortless time tracking for any kind of workflow. Time is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and the Toggl track helps you harness it well.

Toggl is one of the most opted time tracking apps for virtual assistants. It offers a free plan that majorly covers all your time-tracking requirements such as project designating by clients or keeping the record of the tasks performed. You can easily access your Toggl account from the web browser or download their app on your smartphone.

Time doctor

Time doctor is another gem of a time tracking and productivity tool launched in the year 2012. Time doctor offers features such as daily time reports that show you your metrics of the day. You can set a target and try to beat it to enhance your productivity. It has a dashboard that makes tracking your time easy.

Time doctor has some distinct features as it alerts you when you get distracted and visit sites that are not related to your work — which eventually helps you focus back on the work and doesn’t hamper your productivity.


Clockify gets a thumbs up from a lot of virtual assistants across the globe as it is one of the best options for a completely free plan. 

Clockify is an amazing time tracker and timesheet app for you if you have just started with your virtual assistant hustle and wish to keep your expenses low. It allows you to track an unlimited number of projects and clients for free without upgrading. 


MyHours lets you track time on projects, solo or with your team. It is free time tracking software that lets you organize your projects, track work hours, and share reports with clients — all in one place.

You can log hours with a start-stop timer or enter timesheets manually. You also can add tags or descriptions to categorize your work.


LogMyHours is a simple and easy-to-use the tool available for both android, iPhone along with your browser. You can conveniently track the billable hours based on your hourly rates without messing around with Excel spreadsheets. You can quickly import the billable hours to an invoice, make small edits before sending and download it in various formats.

It also offers online chat support, along with fast email support. 

Before your client workload booms and you shift to a full-service CRM, as a Virtual Assistant the best thing you can do is to take advantage of the free plans and play around with different options that are available in the market. 

Author Bio
Rangoli Roy works as a Content Specialist for a BPO company based in India named Acelerar Technologies. In her free time, she loves to express her creativity through poetry and art. You can find her spreading positivity through her art on her Instagram Blog called ‘thepoetesswithblackbindi’.