How To Prepare Your Home For A New Year

New year, a new chapter, new beginnings! Whenever there’s a new year around, we tend to feel lighter. Whatever happened in the past year, is behind us. It’s as if we were walking through a gate that’s opened a path to a new part of life. We’re all on our own paths, perpetually trodding along, with luggage on our backs. But this luggage gets heavier and heavier over time. Everything is new and why shouldn’t you make it a little easier for yourself: Discard your unnecessary baggage. You will feel so much lighter and be grateful for uncomplicated help by junk removal pros such as Jiffy Junk.

Start Early

There’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t do a spring clean a tad later in the year. You’d like to have your home tidy and in order for the holidays anyway. With all the family coming over for visits you don’t only want your home to look festive. 

Since you’re hunkering down a thorough clean to make it more presentable, you might as well do some junk removal. As you’re opening your boxes of decorations you’ll notice the first clutter. Have you really used all of it in recent years? Are you going to use all of it this year? Chances are, you won’t. 

When you think about putting up decorations, it’s the perfect time for serious decluttering. You’ll be far too busy over the next few weeks to prepare for the holidays. And between years you’re unlikely to do much around the house – apart from the usual chores. 

Make yourself a plan

Let’s say you’d start to clean the house at the beginning of December. It’s not yet too late to prepare for the new year. If your whole family helps, you’ll be done within no time. You could sing along with some festive songs as your organizing for a removal. 

Set up a list of rooms you’d want to tackle. At best, you tackle your entire house. Start with the smallest room to keep the motivation up. Your kitchen and your living room would last since they can take a little longer. Do one room after another, one on each day. If you regularly do spring cleaning, you’ll be done even faster. 

Get organized

The easiest way to declutter each room is in two steps. Take a large bin bag first, to discard all clutter on surfaces. Any wrappings, papers, notes are going right into the bin bag. Look, the room already looks a lot more presentable! Then you take three boxes into which you put items for sale, donations, and junk removal. 

Try not to think too much about each item you pull out. If you haven’t used it in at least a year, it only takes up valuable space. Make more space for presents you’ll receive and new items you come across next year. If it’s somehow valuable, try to sell it. What you don’t sell, you can easily donate.

Organize your office, too

It should be obvious that your office needs to get organized as well. But you’ll have to take care of a few more items in this place: paperwork and invoices. After you’ve done junk removal in your office, take care of any invoices that need to be paid. Even if some aren’t due yet, you can time their payment with online banking. Your bills get paid in time and you’ll have one thing less to worry about in the new year. File away each bill and add a note when you paid it or for when the payment is scheduled. 

Sell and Donate

You’re likely to make a nice dime on the side with selling your stuff for junk removal. Those items might not be worth as much to you anymore. But other people are looking for the perfect Christmas presents. 

Set yourself a deadline until when you’d like to have it all sold. After all, you’d probably prefer to be done with junk removal until a few days before Christmas. Take advantage of online platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace. It’s probably too cold to arrange a garage sale. But by all means, if it’s warm enough in your area, go for it. 

Give to people in need

Even though you’ll be able to sell a lot, there always are some items that won’t go anywhere. It’s a shame you couldn’t sell them in time. If you haven’t sold items until now, you probably won’t later on. Add those items to your donation boxes. It’s the time of giving, isn’t it? You can put a smile on the face of poor families. Contact local charities if they’re interested in your items for junk removal. With any luck, they can collect your donations. Don’t put your bets on it though.

Get Help From the Pros 

You can’t put all the clutter in the dumpster. Call a  removal service to collect your items. They’re usually less busy during this season and can be around on the same day. Make it even more convenient for yourself and let them take the donations, too. Junk removal services try not to discard everything into landfills. 

Instead, they partner with charities to forward to them any items that are in good condition. It makes it so much easier for you not to have to call countless charities and drop off donations yourself. Removal teams can fill up a truck and play Santa in your favor. What they cannot donate, they attempt to recycle. Yet alone for these two facts, such services are a better choice than contacting municipal services. 

Final Thoughts on New Years’ Junk Removal

Remember that you can declutter at any time of the year. The more regularly you’re doing it, the faster you will be each time. Don’t only donate towards the end of the year, because it’s the time of giving. You can give to people in need at any other point throughout the year.