How To Prevent Arc Flashes in the Workplace

How To Prevent Arc Flashes in the Workplace

Electrical injuries are harmful and dangerous to employees in various industries. It’s essential to protect workers from injuries from arc flash. If you’re interested in taking the necessary precautions, read this guide on how to prevent arc flashes in the workplace.

Perform Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is an important component to preventing arc flashes in the workplace. It’s vital to keep breakers and other electrical components updated. Doing so will decrease the chance of an employee injury from an arc flash. Workplace supervisors should set up a maintenance routine that ensures the electrical infrastructure works properly at all times.

Run a Hazard Analysis

Before working with electrical infrastructure, employers should run a hazard analysis. This analysis will calculate how much energy an arc flash could release at different points in a power chain. An accurate measurement will anticipate flash strength and possible risks. Employers should run a hazard and job safety analysis to ensure worker safety and decrease the chances of preventable workplace accidents.

Adopt a Remote Operation

One effective way to protect employees from arc flash is by adopting a remote operation. Install remote monitoring and diagnostic software that can check electrical infrastructure. Remote systems can perform administrative tasks under the safe watch of an employee. In addition, systems can de-energize wires before employees encounter them.

Implement Arc Flash Safety Training

Training in the workplace is relevant to all employees, especially in hazardous industries. Employers can implement arc flash safety training to make workers aware of safety risks. The training can cover best safety practices, proper procedures, and signs of potential arc flash. In addition, the training can offer demonstrations and address what to do if an employee experiences arc flash.

Arc flash is an electrical accident that can severely injure employees. It’s important to take necessary precautions to keep workers safe. We hope our guide on how to prevent arc flashes in the workplace gives you some ideas on avoiding this hazard.