How to Renovate Your House Economically

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Renovating a home that needs to be tightened up is usually not a very affordable project. However, with a proper plan and exploring all possible options to remodel a house using alternative methods, you could save thousands of dollars and still attain a great effect. Here are some ideas on how to renovate your house on a budget and still make it look trendy and modern. 

Decide What to Fix and Start With Repairs 

No matter how small or big the repairs to be made in a house, you should take care of them, especially those related to mold issues that are the most common problem in bathrooms, and all other problems that are endangering your house health. Still, be aware that if you plan some bigger renovation that will include demolitions or changes to the approved initial architectural plan of the property, you may be required to obtain a construction permit. So, ensure to explore all the rules in advance and learn how to get the permit. 

Make Sure to Get Repainted Everything You Can  

Repainting your walls, furniture, and the most affordable and effective way to introduce a new style to your home. Choosing an earthy tone color palette for your interior will be the surest way to create an inviting and cozy space. If necessary, make sure to repaint your kitchen cupboards and consider if it is needed to change the countertops, and without a huge investment, you’ll get the greatest effect. Also, when it comes to color choice, choose the colors that will make your space bigger. 

Some things outside of the property could be repainted, like, fence, gate, wooden blinds, or surrounding walls, so ensure to get them in perfect condition too. 

Get the Stairs Fixed Too 

If you have a staircase leading to another floor, ensure to fix it too. Repaint it, consider to fix and get into order the storage place beneath it, put new carpeting or floor cover, and don’t forget to put the decoration. Small potted plants, lanterns, pictures, or paintings hanging on the wall, could upgrade the whole space making it look welcoming. 

Take Care of the Entrance Door Area 

Another effective way to upgrade the whole atmosphere of your living area is to remodel your entrance door area. Choose a vibrant color for the door, like is deep green, blue, or pink, and ensure to repaint them too. Put some colorful flowers, and consider putting some sail awning and lanterns to upgrade the whole atmosphere. 

Believe It or Not, You Can Even Repaint Your Roof! 

If you want to prolong your roof’s life, but you’re not ready to change it, consider repainting the roof. This will prolong its duration for up to 15 years, and will also save you more than 60% of the total costs for changing the roof. 

Use Stone Tiles for Your Flooring

Whether you want to renovate your bathroom, kitchen, or balcony, using stone tiles will be the best option to do it if you’re looking for a long-term and high-quality solution. Moreover, using stone tiles will make your space look bigger, no matter where you put them. Just make sure to choose neutral colors, like grey or beige, but not too bright, so you have to clean them often. And when we speak about cleaning, one of the greatest benefits of incorporating tiles in your living space is they are very easy to maintain. Another benefit is they’re not causing any allergic reactions, so if you or any of your family member have problems with asthma or is prone to different allergies, tiles are just the perfect option for this problem. 

Also, if you want to make your space look bigger, we advise you to choose larger tiles. And since there are various design options that very successfully imitate the looking of the wood, you can consider putting the tiles even in your living room. 

Find Options to Prolong Your Furnitures Life, or to Buy Some Pieces at Lower Price 

Modernizing furniture and redoing, it into alluring pieces is a great way to make prolong its life and also save some money. Buying completely new furniture can be pretty expensive. For that reason, ensure to explore all the methods on how to remodel your quality furniture. With some cleaning, paint, wax, and changing legs, or handles you could get magazine-styled furniture without spending a fortune on it. 

In case you need to buy some new piece of furniture, ensure to check the stores that sell already used furniture that is in good condition, and also, always check the locally-based Facebook groups where people usually post the furniture they want to sell. This way you could acquire some quality furniture pieces at a very low price. 

Research, Budget, and Plan How to Get the Renovation Done 

The essential details of every successful renovation entail research, budgeting, and a thorough plan on how to get the renovation done. This means that you should learn everything from how to get the permit for renovations if you plan some capital remodeling projects, to how to do some projects by yourself. Also, if your renovation will require some demolishing and construction work, you should be ready to hire professionals whose services are in high demand, so ensure to schedule all the services you need a way in advance. 

Also, don’t forget to create a time frame that will help you follow the progress of the whole project and inspire you to get the entire renovation done faster. Last but not least, ensure to make in the detailed budget, include all expenses you expect, and once you get the total price, increase it by 10%, because some unexpected outlays will come your way. If you organize it this way and make all crucial decisions before the renovation starts, we are sure the whole process will be easy to perform and that your house will get the look you were always striving for.