How Your Environment Can Contribute To Your Negative Thinking #5MinuteMotivation


You may be working hard on creating the life you want.  You may be doing almost everything right.  However, if you forget this one step, then your results will be impacted.  Your environment can contribute greatly to whether or not you nurture your positive or negative thoughts.


I remember early in my career, I started hanging around some colleagues of mine.  I had the reputation of being the “quiet one” and the one people could trust to share their stories because it wouldn’t go further than me.  I was proud of myself at the time thinking I had a trait to be cherished.


What starting happening over time was that I started sharing my own frustrations about events that I felt were out of my control.  The more that was shared with me, the more I shared back.  Then, I started noticing that I began to find more things to complain about.  It was actually pretty easy.


I was going down a rabbit hole fast.


When I finally realized what I was doing, I had to work twice as hard to undo this negative habit then I did to build this habit.  Funny how negative thinking is so easy to instill but getting out of that mindset takes work.  A lot of work.


Your Environments directly affect the way you Think, Feel, and even Act.  If you want significant positive change in your life, a change in environments might be all you need.


Here are some examples of how your Environment can contribute to your Negative Thinking:


  • If you live near a place where you are bombarded with fast food restaurants or advertisements about fast food, you will end up craving a burger or French fries.
  • Similar to my example above, if you hang around negative thinkers or people who have a “victim mentality”, you will start noticing your mindset shifting.
  • In schools, teens who hang around friends who only wear labels will start to be uncomfortable wearing that no name brand.


Choose an Environment that contributes to a positive mindset:


Want to be better at Finance?

Hang out with people that know how to maximize cash flow or are great at budgeting.  Can’t find one?  Read a book on the topic.


Want to improve your overall Health?

Join a gym or a community of fitness buffs that will inspire you to go no matter how much you don’t want to go.


Want help in shifting your mindset?

Fuel your mind every day with strategies and tips that contribute to your personal growth.


If you interact with people making smart life and business decision, you will also take interest in it and learn from them.  Your thought process will start reflecting the people who you spend time with.


You have a choice of how you choose your surroundings.  If you want a change in yourself, then spend time with people where you see that change.  If you are finding it difficult to meet these people, then read materials or sign up for courses that will educate and inspire you to accomplish what you need to accomplish.



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