Ideas To Help You Increase Employee Efficiency


Some jobs can be dull and monotonous, and sometimes this means employees just plod through the work without really doing as much as they could. This might be fine in the short-term, but it is no good for them or your business in the long run. They need to be happy in their work and look forward to turning up every day. Otherwise, they will probably get depressed and less efficient, and your production levels will drop.


If you want your employees to be motivated, and to grow, you need to act now. Here are some things you can do to increase their efficiency (and their happiness levels) now…


Provide Training


Train your employees to do more than one task. If they think you consider them to be worth training that will make them feel a lot better about themselves and motivate them to work harder. It could be a new piece of machinery or some new software, but the money you have to spend on training them will be more than recouped in increased productivity.


Stop Hovering


Research has shown that bosses who hover around their employees just add another layer of stress they could do without. Show them you trust them to get on with the task they have been given, as many employees respond well to being left to work through a job on their own.


In fact, one study showed that knowing their boss trust them and being given the chance to do other work ranked higher for job satisfaction than earning more money.




Streamline as many processes in your workplace as possible. If your workflow is haphazard, workers can become overwhelmed. This can make them feel overworked, and then they will underperform. Streamlining the processes should involve input from the staff, as they could well have ideas that will help that you had not thought of.


Create A Restful Area



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All workers, you included needs breaks throughout the day. It has been proven that those breaks are much more effective if the worker has to move away from their workstation and has somewhere pleasant to go to for a while. Creating a nice outdoor space with a pretty path from Hyde Concrete, some nice furniture and lots of flowers from New Garden Plants, where staff can relax in nature is becoming a more popular option, as the fresh air and sunshine are both good the workers well being. It seems that after a break like this they will return to their work invigorated and raring to go.


Look at Perks


Research has shown that although employees appreciate pay rises, they love perks even more. The study showed that 4 out of 5 employees who answered the questions said perks were more of a motivation to work hard than earning more money. Some of the huge companies, such as Facebook and Google, have taken this on board and offer their staff things like free haircuts, massage areas and one of them has even introduced a nap room.


You do not have to go to this extent, but there are many other perks they would appreciate. Perhaps a free weekly lunch from the local takeaway, or a birthday party when someone reaches a special age. These things will be really appreciated by your staff, and will help to motivate them to work harder for you.



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