Introduction to Pillar Designs [Infographic]

Workplace Well-Being 

We all know that some workplaces can be hard on the well-being of employees. Sometimes the job is stressful; supervisors may have poor management skills; or perhaps the work environment simply does not provide opportunities for staff to achieve a positive work-life balance. 

Whatever the cause, the known consequences of poor mental well-being are all too familiar. Employee morale suffers. Engagement lowers. Absenteeism increases. Productivity decreases. Employees part ways with the company, and potential hires can be hesitant to join. Perhaps most serious, stress can cause physical health problems, which not only hurt employees, but can lead to increased company health care costs. 

The accompanying infographic, “Mental Wellness and the Workplace,” provides a brief overview of the extent of the problem and offers 10 suggestions for the workplace. Statistics back the claim that workplaces are causing stress and lowering employees’ feelings of wellness. Large numbers of workers report that workplace issues affect their sleep schedules and lead them to engage in unhealthy behaviors as a coping mechanism. A whopping 89% agree that it is safer to remain silent about workplace stress! 

Continue reading to learn more about workplace well-being and how to improve it.  

This infographic was created by Pillar Booth.