Investment Opportunity: Agriculture

There are numerous relevant factors to consider before deciding what is the best investment opportunity for you. Many people only have stocks in mind when the concept of investing is in question, but that is not an only option. Everyone would like to get rich quickly, but bear in mind what is the ratio of successful startups and the ones which fail during their first years. Today we are going to explore why agriculture is an amazing opportunity for investment, as well as some of the positive impacts this will have on both your country and planet. So we are talking about steady and long-term returns, and an eco-friendly field of industry.

Let’s talk: Economy

First of all, not many people are aware of these great opportunities, so you won’t be struggling to find a place which works for you in every sense. Many rural areas of our countries have been neglected for years now, as a direct consequence of a globalization process and a large percentage of young people moving to urban areas. This is causing serious damage to our country’s economy for various reasons, such as lack of workers in rural areas, which leads to lack of agricultural development, finally leading to having to import foreign products due to not having our own. And this really shouldn’t be the case, especially when a country has quality soil and weather conditions to grow their own produce.

Agricultural development means a source of employment, the revival of many abandoned or neglected areas within the borders of our state, and well-being of its citizens in general. Every piece of land will vary in these terms, depending on the type of crop and soil. It is important to mention that agriculture is something of a key to our modern development, as it literally enabled people to settle in one place. And while there are people, there will be a demand for basic products coming from plants and farm animals. If there are conditions which allow us, and there are, we shouldn’t be importing these goods, but quite the contrary, we should create a viable market and improve our country’s economy by producing, distributing and even exporting our goods to other countries. 

As you can see, many other sectors are included in later stages, meaning more job opportunities and an increased level of financial stability in the region. Furthermore, technological advances are widely used to benefit agricultural development, so if you explore options such as hydroponic farming, you won’t even need a large plot to be able to cultivate large amounts of goods. In our country, this is definitely overlooked in terms of using technology for such purposes. In many other, technologically advanced countries from which we import many goods, good practice examples such as these vertical gardens are widely popular. And another economy-related pro tip is to learn about various tax deductions for the agricultural sector and sustainability!      

Green is the way to go

Considering the state of the world and various industries that keep on damaging the ecosystem, you actually have a choice to be among the ones who are preserving nature. And in this case, we mean that literally, as you will invest in fields where crops are to be grown, or farm animals to be nurtured. Operation of the leading global corporations and their consequences to the environment surely can’t be undone, but you should at least not be an active participant. By maximizing the farmers’ potential and creating a sustainable and productive climate we are investing in our generation, but actually even more in future and generations to follow us. Which only seems fair, since the pollution didn’t just happen out of the blue, but is for decades now a choice.

Another great aspect of investing in agriculture is that you have an actual physical slot of land, instead of investing in virtual currencies. You will be in charge of your revenue, and not other stocks on the market. Land is also in the top category of wealth which is most likely to grow in value over time, so it can be a great heritage for your next generations. Majority of estimates of the ROI in agriculture are in the range between three and ten per cent, but it will largely depend on your chosen product, so it can even be more than twenty in some cases. A thorough research of what is in demand the most, locations and soil types should be your first step on this journey.   


We should do everything we can to try to restore some balance in nature and ecosystems around us. And if you are already eager to invest your hard-earned money somewhere, why shouldn’t it be something natural and eco-friendly? Consider the advantages we have mentioned, and research some nearby rural areas to check for prices and opportunities. To eat fresh and organically grown food from local farms seems to be a luxury nowadays, and there is really no need for it. If you can help the world, you should start today, and be the change you want to see in it!