Job Hunting Tips


Searching for a job is time consuming and can be stressful. You develop your online profile, search job sites and company websites for available positions, develop and send numerous resumes and cover letters and wait for responses that may never come. How do you set yourself apart from every other applicant?

Recruitment Agencies

If you have specialized skills or have searched for employment for an extended period of time, you may consider searching for local recruiting agencies, such as recruitment agencies Boston. These agencies have wide networks of prospective employers who are actively seeking job candidates. They will help you develop an effective resume and interview skills. They also understand exactly what each job requires and can match you to the position that fits your skill level, knowledge and career goals.

Meet Employees

If you are interested in working for a specific company, you should consider interviewing or speaking with current employees. You will get a greater understanding of the corporate culture, what it is like to work for the company and what type of people work there. A job description will tell you what the company needs, but an employee will tell you what the company truly offers you.

Adapt Your Resume

To gain a better response to your resume, target the position you are applying for. Many people develop a single resume and submit it to multiple companies for different types of positions. However, you want your prospective employer to see you as the perfect fit. Do not add things to your resume that are untrue, but show how your experience and education have prepared you for the responsibilities of the job you are applying for. Finally, focus on your results and achievements.


Always submit a thoughtful, unique thank you note to any recruiter or human resources person who interviews you. It should be brief, but it should discuss the interview specifically. This reminds the recruiter who you are and tells them you appreciated their time.

Don’t waste time papering the town with your resume. Get the job you want by implementing a few job search strategies.