Jobs For People Who Love Celebrities


Do you love the rich and famous? Do you spend your days looking on Instagram so you can see what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been up to? Do you dream of featuring in a Nicki Minaj video? Would you love to hit the red carpet and mingle with all of the hottest actors and actresses? If so, this could become a reality. How? Well, by chasing a job that involves working with celebrities. Here are some suggestions…


Dog trainer – ​Celebs want the best for everyone in their circle. Yes, this includes dogs. In fact, celebrity dogs get treated better than most humans! Therefore, setting up a high-end dog training business can be a route into the celeb world. This​ is a good business​ idea for anyone who wants to work for themselves.


Makeup artist – Celebrities need to look their best at all times. It does not matter whether they are on the red carpet or they are off duty, the paps could snap at any moment, and their make-up artist needs to ensure they look their best.


Stylist – ​This leads on from the former point regarding celebrities looking their best at all times. What a celebrity wears gets scrutinized. You only have to open up a magazine and you will see photographs of what is hot and what’s not. Wrong move, and it is everywhere. You need to know your client’s style and what looks good on them. You also need to be able to deal with all the leading celeb brands.


Chef – If you like cooking and you want to spend some quality time with the most famous celebs, becoming a chef is a good route in. Just make sure you are prepared for strict and peculiar dietary requirements.


Social media coordinator – Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram present great opportunities for celebrities to connect with fans. They are also helpful in terms of building profiles. After all, a celebrity needs to manage their personal brand expertly. This is something you can help them with by becoming a social media coordinator.


Work on a superyacht -​ Superyachts are regularly used by the rich and the famous. You can find a job on a superyacht and you never know who you could end up mingling with. Yacht owners are known for throwing the best parties too!


Publicist – Finally, a quality publicist will make sure a celebrity is always in the limelight. After all, in Hollywood, talent is only a small part of the equation. A publicist will ensure a celeb is always in the news.


As you can see, there are many different jobs that involve working with celebrities. This includes everything from working on a superyacht to becoming a publicist. Hopefully, you will have found something that appeals to you!



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