Know When to Call for an Emergency Electrician

You all know what an electrician does, but many of us are unaware of whether it is an emergency or not. Some electrical issues require instant solutions and should be tackled as a high priority. There might not be any single moment in your life when you are spending time without using electricity or electric appliances. Therefore, it is very common that you may have to get them repaired from time to time. Always keep the phone number of the electrician saved for all such situations.

There are some issues that you can handle yourself or could be delayed. But some other common issues should not be ignored and call for an emergency electrician. Let’s look at what all signs are there that depict the need for an emergency electrician.

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Sign 1. Humming or buzzing noise

Due to wiring problems or loose screws, you start hearing humming or buzzing sounds inside the wall. This could be the indication of a burnt wire or any such part that has stopped functioning properly. Whenever you hear such noises, do not take them lightly.

Sign 2. Smell of burning or emission of smoke

If ever you sense a burning smell or see smoke from sockets or appliances look out for the source immediately. This smoke or burning smell comes out due to overheating and can turn into a serious condition. Without wasting any time, first, turn off the power supply from the main switch of your house. After that, immediately call the fire department if there is a situation that may lead to a fire accident. You should call an emergency electrician so that whatever problem is there in the wiring or circuit can be resolved.

Sign 3. Sparking

When you connect a plug to an outlet, you sometimes notice a spark. But there are times when you may witness white or yellow color sparks which last more than a second and look dangerous. Hurry and reach out for help to an emergency electrician for safety. This arcing may happen due to improper installation or overloading. You might not even be able to fix this situation on your own. Try to keep the main switch till the electrician arrives. 

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Sign 4. Dim or flickering lights

These are the easiest way to spot but are commonly ignored by people thinking it could be because of low voltage. But if this happens constantly or whenever you plug in other appliances, then it is a serious matter of concern. Thus, it is a significant sign that it is time to call an emergency electrician. The flickering or dimming of lights usually occurs due to faulty wires, overheating of the circuit. Therefore, it is better to call a practitioner sooner as sometimes it may exceed and lead to a fire.

Sign 5. Electric shock or outlet getting warm

Due to faulty wires, many times, you may feel that outlets are getting warm. Do not let go that it will cool down automatically after some time; immediately call an emergency electrician. The situation can get worse if a wire is connected to the outlet; it may cause fire at any time. Turn off the main power supply and call for help. When you experience shocks while touching appliances, plugs, or switchboards, it is a sign of malfunctioning of the electric circuit. This happens due to unstable flow of electric current or the circuit, broken cords, fault in the wireline or damaged circuits.

Always remember your reckless behavior can be dangerous for you and the people surrounding you. Hence, read all the situations mentioned above thoroughly; you do not know when you can witness any one of such situations. Therefore, be prepared and cautious, and call your emergency electrician service provider whenever you see any of these signs nearby.