Most Rewarding Careers in Women’s Health

Most Rewarding Careers in Women’s Health

If you’re pursuing a career in medicine, you have a lot of big choices ahead of you. With hundreds of jobs and specialties available, deciding what you want to do can be difficult. One option is to pursue a career in women’s health. The medical field has endless ways to help women of all ages. Check out the following most rewarding careers in women’s health and see how you can make a difference in your patients’ lives.


A sonographer’s job is to use and manage ultrasound equipment. Medical professionals use ultrasounds to study internal organs and locate issues or abnormalities. In women’s health, ultrasounds also allow doctors to study fetuses and monitor expecting mothers’ health. In addition to operating ultrasound equipment, sonographers get to prepare patients for the ultrasound and walk them through the process. As a sonographer, you’ll be a helpful presence at expecting mothers’ sides as they see the first glimpses of their babies.

Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultants specialize in helping new mothers get comfortable with breastfeeding. With in-depth knowledge and an IBLCE certification, lactation consultants educate new mothers and work with clients to build a breastfeeding routine that is both healthy and comfortable for both mom and baby. The help you give new mothers makes a job as a lactation consultant one of the most rewarding careers in women’s health. As a lactation consultant, you can work in a neonatal ward at a hospital. Alternatively, you can purchase your own equipment and run a private practice where you choose your own schedule and clients.

Women’s Health Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists help patients with mental health issues through treatment plans that combine therapy and medicine. People who visit psychiatrists often look for professionals who specialize in the issues that they’re dealing with. A psychiatrist whose focus is in women’s health might specialize in family planning, postpartum conditions, or domestic disputes. A career as a psychiatrist is both challenging and rewarding as you help clients manage their mental health, develop healthy and sustainable habits, and work through difficult periods in their lives.