Must-Know Power Outage Tips for Businesses

Must-Know Power Outage Tips for Businesses

Companies must prepare for a long list of hazards, one of which is a power outage. All sorts of issues can lead to power outages in the workplace. Luckily, businesses can prepare for these events, keeping operations safe, stable, and legal. Read the list below to discover three must-know power outage tips for businesses.

Create a Power Outage Kit

All businesses, large and small, should have a power outage kit at the ready. A good power outage kit has backup phone chargers, flashlights, batteries, and first aid supplies. First aid materials might sound pointless to power outage recovery, but accidents can happen when the lights aren’t on. Plus, a power outage can be one part of a large storm, meaning other health hazards may be present. Either way, having these materials in case of an emergency will ensure you can maintain safety and efficiency in the face of a power outage.

Always Follow Applicable Labor Laws

When your whole operation shuts down due to a power outage, there’s obviously a lot to consider quickly but carefully. Of course, getting operations functioning again is essential, but don’t forget to follow applicable labor laws along the way.

For example, certain aspects of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and National Labor Relations Act (NRLA) apply to natural disasters, which are common culprits behind power outages. So, be sure you understand all the applicable labor laws and regulations in your state to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes while getting the business back up and running.

Install Temporary Power Supplies

We can’t discuss must-know power outages tips for businesses without covering backup power supplies. When a business unexpectedly loses power, it can’t carry out most of its daily operations. However, having temporary power supplies ready to go will ensure your system remains up and running during power outages.

Besides maintaining daily operations, safely operating a backup generator ensures you can protect company data with uninterrupted power. In fact, you should create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for emergencies like natural disasters. Power outages can occur at any moment for a bevy of reasons, so having a backup plan is essential for keeping your business thriving.