Must-Know These Amazing Bathroom Renovation Ideas in 2020


Remodeling of the bathroom is not something that you might do each year. Such involves labor-intensive projects along with capital. So it is natural for the homeowners in expecting the design, holding grounds for a decade at least. Such makes it difficult in defining a trend. Still, updates are going on regarding remodeling the space. Considering these matters, we are here to provide you with the best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie.

We can help you with planning the renovations of your bathroom. For that, you would need to be aware of what is on-trend and what is not. To help you provide the best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie, there are a few trends needed mentioning upon.

1. Creating one Biophilic design

Researches reveal that people tend to be more efficient, happier and calmer once exposed in nature. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are the current buzzwords. Such a design implies your attraction to nature. Introducing green color into your designs is not all. There are other elements involved like water-saving techniques, efficient lighting, recycled materials and choosing reclaimed wood.

2. Investing in space-saving solutions

With urbanization growing exponentially, space is considered a luxury where we provide the best bathroom services in Port Macquarie, making it a reality. Utilitarian, small bathrooms are the current norm throughout these years. Avoiding bathtubs through installing open showers, console vanities, compact furniture are some ways impacting the bathroom space. By such, homeowners keep gaining space counting every inch.

3. Creativity through woodwork

We are known to provide the best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie not just for order and structure only, but also for creativity. There’s this uptick regarding wood getting utilized as an element of luxury in designing bathrooms internationally. We provide walls lined with wood panels, wooden vanities. We make sure that the wood remains resistant to water damage. 

4. The classic white bathroom comeback

With several trends passing by, the white, classic bathroom remains forever. There’s this tug of war when choosing between the modern and the classic ones. It’s risky to follow the modernized ones due to switching of trends so going for classic ones are the safest choices. It involves a minimalist approach with marble added.

5. Stand-alone tubs

Such tub is used to have a reservation for the big bathrooms with the rest taking in hybrid shower tubs. But in present, this stand-alone concept has formed a style-statement, pairing with other choices of design. Such tub is not restricted to plain and white, it has various shapes and colours available to choose from.

6. Creating a spa-room

The current trends involve changing one regular bathroom into an experience resembling with a spa-room. We have the resources to provide you with this service. The standardized elemental designs would involve wood, with bamboo having a preference. Floor plan, clutter-free storage, mood lighting, scented candles are some elements falling in spa-rooms.

7. Open showers

Recently, people prefer open showers over tubs completely. Such an element of simplicity results in bold choices of design taking place this year. Ditching tubs are taking place due to the necessities of bathrooms being smaller. Plus they take up extra space, also slippery when dealing with it.

And there you have it! If you are dreaming of having your customized bathroom and if anything is catching your eye here, we are here to help. We are known for providing the best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie, helping you in making your imagination come to life.