Why A Night Shift Is The Key To Working And Raising Kids [Infographic]

A night shift is often seen as an awful choice because it can mess with your inner clock. It’s also not desirable to only be outside or at work when the sun is down. However, it does come with some undeniable advantages if you’re a parent.


Night shifts sync your free time with your kids


This is because a night shift allows you to sleep for the majority of the time that your child is at school. You’ll also be working for most of the time they’re sleeping, meaning that the free time that you both have can sync up. While this is similar to just working when your kids are at school, it comes with the advantage that you’ll be wide awake and full of energy when your kids come home from school, leading to better interactions and more positivity.


Night shifts usually pay very well


Since night shifts often pay very well and are crucial to certain jobs, such as security-related positions or even nursing, it’s actually a key way to help you make plenty of income while also being free to raise your kids in a healthy environment. This can be one of the biggest lures to a night shift and is often the reason why many people take long hours in the night. It can also be relatively calm in some circumstances, meaning there’s actually less work and chaos to manage.


Below, we’ve included an infographic that can help you learn a couple of tips on surviving night shifts and long hours.


Infographic:  Bradley University

Elita Torres

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