Pave Your Way To A Paperless Business


Operating a business in a way that is much better for the environment is something that quite a few entrepreneurs and company owners are now focused on. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to implement eco-friendly processes and practices into a business, and there are many ways companies can reduce their impact on the environment. One thing that they can all do is to try to reduce their use of paper. You might think that your company is too reliant on paperwork and contracts to do this, but that won’t be the case. In fact, here are five great tips that can help you start to turn your company paperless.


Have Some Backup Supplies


First of all, don’t get too cocky and throw away all of your printing equipment just yet. Even though you want to try to reduce the amount you print, you should make this change gradually, so you won’t completely stop to print anything just yet. So, make sure you keep some HP Ink and a printer in your office. No matter how dedicated you are to going paperless, you will find that there are some documents that you need to have in hard copy.


Opt For Digital Invoices And Bills


These days, lots of suppliers now offer companies the chance to receive their invoices and bills in a digital format. This is better for them because it reduces the amount they have to spend on printing costs and postage. It’s also good for your company as it gives you another way to go paperless. In an effort to motivate more people to opt for these digital invoices, lots of suppliers will actually offer a small discount on their products or services when you sign up for this format.





Use The Cloud


Worried that your computer might not be the safest place to store all of these digital contracts and documents? Don’t worry, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue as you can now use cloud storage for a very reasonable price. The cloud is extremely secure and it uses a lot of sophisticated encryption and cybersecurity methods to prevent hackers getting your data.


Get Rid Of Your Fax Machine


Do you still have a fax machine? If so, then this is something you should get rid of. After all, it’s 2018 – who still faxes? This machine will just cause you to use a lot of paper. Not only that, though, but it is a really inefficient way for people to contact your business. Instead, you should encourage them to call or email you.


Provide A Multi-Monitor Setup For Staff


One of the main reasons why your employees might use so much paper is so they can cross-check documents with online information that they see on their computers. To prevent this from being issue, you just need to make sure that every employee has a multi-monitor setup at their desk. They can then cross-check digital documents instead of the paper ones!


Going paperless shouldn’t be too tricky!



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