How Power Napping at Work Can Lead to Productiveness

You look at your computer and see the words: the last edit was made 2 hours ago. You’ve been staring at the screen without making a single change on your documents because admit it, you’re absolutely exhausted. A big chunk of our lives is spent at work; working 9-5 with one lunch break in-between. It seems to be inevitable to feel distracted and fatigued mid-day. Since you’ve already been basically sleeping with your eyes open, you might as well take a full-on nap. The team at Tommy John have expressed the benefits of napping at work, which might be a game-changer for some folks. 


Main Benefits of The Cat Nap 

So how does the afternoon 10-20 minute nap help? The short nap might actually increase the amount that you get done within a day. The benefits might be worth the weird looks you’ll get from your coworkers. 


Some of the main benefits are listed below:


  1. Reduced stress levels
  2. Bettering memory
  3. Helps you feel more positive; mood booster
  4. Increased awareness
  5. Can help reduce heart failure   


Your time at work could become a more productive and positive atmosphere if you set time aside for a short snooze. The better alternative might be to get a full night’s rest the night before, but that isn’t always possible for some people. Just make sure you wear some comfortable clothes (Tommy John has a great selection of comfy underwear, FYI) and bring a pillow the next time you go to work. For more of a detailed description, the infographic below goes more in-depth on the ins and outs of power napping at work. 


Author: Zach Painter

Zach is a content writer who enjoys covering the intersection of business and tech. When he’s not cranking out an article, you can find him running on a trail, sipping on coffee, or enjoying some live tunes. 


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The Science-Backed Benefits of Power Napping at Work