Powerful and Simple Time Management Techniques and Resources [an 111-page Slideshare]


You often hear people claim how busy they are.  How many of those people are productive?  In fact, “busy” should not be what you are aiming for.  Racing to check off as many things off your to-do list is not a measure of productivity.  Productivity is about being effective and utilizing time management techniques to ensure you are getting the right tasks accomplished.


[tweetthis]“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar[/tweetthis]


There are several time management techniques that claim to boost your productivity, but not all of them work.  TimeCamp has created an 111-page Slideshare that shares Tips and Resources that will help you boost your productivity.  TimeCamp provides automatic time tracking software for your projects to help get your budget under control.


Here is what they have to say:


“Since the very beginning of TimeCamp, we have been collecting knowledge and experience on time management. We believe that the easiest way to save money is managing working hours accurately – that’s why this ebook was prepared, to teach our readers the rules of productivity improvement. Use these tips to plan your day and use your valuable time more efficiently! “


They have prepared some great tips on Project Management and Time Management Techniques.   The Slides cover the following main topics:


  1. Project Management for Companies – Proven methodologies for project management.
  2. Time Tracking and its benefits
  3. Project Budgeting
  4. Remote work for companies

Projects can take an enormous amount of resources. It is easy to factor in the cost of financial resources but time resources should not be overlooked. Proper planning and strategizing can make all the difference.