5 Trends In Fintech Developers Need to Know

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Fintech has become globally mainstream, with 64% of consumers adopting some sort of behavior that fuses technology with financial services. As the market becomes more mature, so do the challenges facing Fintech institutions. This year has brought new trends in improving security, big innovations in mobile banking, and the widespread adoption of 5G internet.   For […]

Online Listing Tips to Jumpstart Sales

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It’s no secret that an online presence is a crucial element in your business plan. Whether you are selling your services as a freelancer or a B2C product, the importance of your digital presence still remains. More people are shopping online than ever before. While this creates a great opportunity to expand your reach, it […]

email marketing playbook

Email Marketing for Financial Advisors: Best Practices for 2019

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Summary:  Email may not have the cutting edge, the high-tech appeal of some of the other marketing tactics. However, when done right, email marketing for financial advisors can be remarkably effective. In order to build a productive email campaign, advisors should begin by examining the needs of their audience. A broad-based “spray and pray” approach […]