Personnel Personality Problems – The Unique Issues In Today’s Business


Working in a business which is filled with different types of people can be a great pleasure and a joy. You will have the chance to experience unique interactions, will benefit from a wide range of skills, and will feel the diversity boosting the company. Of course, though, while being an employee in this situation is fantastic, being the employer can prove to be a massive challenge. To help you out with this problem, this post will be exploring some of the common personality traits which can prove to be a challenge to bosses, along with some of the ways that you can solve each of them.


If you have someone who is working for you but not putting in the effort, it will quickly become apparent that they are wasting your time. Laziness is a particularly bad trait to have around in an office. It can become infectious, with entire teams slipping into a routine of doing their bare minimum with their time at work, relying on their employers to fail to notice the drop in work. With this sort of thing costing a small fortune, though, you really can’t afford to let it slip through the net.

If you find yourself having to manage this type, you need to take action, and you have a couple of routes to take.

If you haven’t approached someone about their laziness, this will be the first option to try. Some people will kick themselves into action when they’ve been told that they are doing enough, not only improving their productivity, but also empowering you to ask them to go further in the future. For those who you’ve already spoken to, it could be time to start giving out some threats. Even the first of three strikes is a scary prospect for an employee.



Everyone has the occasional morning which doesn’t go to plan. Whether your bus didn’t turn up or you overslept, being late to work isn’t a big deal, unless it’s happening all the time. Being ten minutes late each day over the course of a five-day week will cost an employer almost an entire hour. While this doesn’t seem like much, it will quickly mount up, with workers having the ability to sap almost an entire week’s worth of time out of their bosses over the course of a year. This sort of loss is simply unacceptable.

To solve this issue, you have to be on top of people’s attendance. Whenever someone is late, they should be informed that they need to improve, as this will help to stop lateness from becoming an accepted norm. Along with this, you could also think about getting some tech involved, with scheduling software coming in loads of different forms, and most people having access to the devices they need to use them. This can help you to keep a detailed overview of and tracking of everyone’s time at work without having to get on their case.



There are certain mistakes which are easily forgivable when they don’t happen very often. If someone is regularly making mistakes, failing to do the right work, or being clumsy in other ways, it can be hard to trust them with the work your business has to do. Clients won’t be very forgiving if they receive work which isn’t up to standards. They won’t be willing to listen to excuses, and means that one employee’s mistakes can make the whole organization look very bad. The solution to this doesn’t have to involve taking strict action or dismissals, though.

Instead, as long as you’re observant, you should be able to find ways to train clumsiness out of your workforce. To achieve this sort of goal, you’re going to need to spend some time watching the way that people work within your company. The ones making the most mistakes will be easy to spot, and you should be able to see big differences between their working styles and those of workers who are able to keep their results consistent. Even something as small as the height of someone’s desk can impact their accuracy, making it worth thinking about a lot of avenues.


Easily Distracted:

A lot of modern offices are filled with distractions. People will be talking with one another, having conversations about their work and personal lives. Others will be on the phone, discussing important information with clients, and working to improve the business. In a lot of cases, though, it will be the general environment which causes the most distractions. Being in the wrong place or having eye catching furnishings can make it very hard for people to concentrate. Even if it makes your office feel boring, it will be worth avoiding this sort of environmental distraction.

Thankfully, solving this issue is nice and easy, with those who get distracted often having a good buffer of work time before their attention starts to slip. As someone gets into this mindset, it will be time for a break, as this will enable them to come back with a fresh focus.

Research shows that those working with computers should have a short break at least once an hour or so. Giving the mind a chance to rest, offering this to employees could reduce stress, while also improving the quality of their work, and this will be well worth it for any sort of business.



Having someone who is hard-headed can be essential for certain roles within your company, like sales and marketing. This can help to get the best deals for your business, while also improving your chances of making sales, making it important to have one or two people with the power to stand their ground. When this stubbornness is directed back at you, though, it could be hard to win the arguments you have. Of course, this isn’t a trait which any company will want to have, making it essential that you work to take control of it.


One of the best ways to achieve a goal like this is by giving everyone within your business a voice. This doesn’t need to be much, with simple feedback sessions often being enough to keep everyone happy. Not only will this give you the chance to evaluate their skills, but it will also enable them to get any frustrations out which could blow up into something much bigger. Along with this, you should never be afraid to remind someone that you are the boss. If you’re too relaxed, people will find it easy to walk all over you.



Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about something with very few solutions; rudeness. Being short with people or treating them unfairly is semi-acceptable when someone is going it alone. On their own time, your employees should be able to say whatever they like. When they are at work, dealing with both customers and their colleagues, they should be showing as much respect as possible. When someone can’t deal with this from the start, it’s unlikely that they will be able to learn how to conduct themselves. This makes it important to choose wisely at the very beginning of their employment.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling more ready than ever before to start taking on your personnel personality problems in any business. In the past, bosses cared little for how their workforce felt or what could be making their lives easier. Instead, they would have thought about money first, simply getting rid of those who don’t provide a good enough income.