Video Conferencing Etiquette to Ensure the Success of Your Virtual Training or Meeting [Infographic]


It used to be easier to multi-task or become distracted when companies used conference calls as their main meeting method.  After all, you could have been having the discussion in your pajamas without anyone being the wiser.  Today, videoconferencing is becoming more and more important.  Do you have an upcoming video-conference that you need to prepare for?  Are you up to date on your Video Conferencing Etiquette?

I have participated in several virtual trainings and meetings where I became distracted by a participant that almost forgot they were on camera.  Or imagine being the one leading the meeting and forgetting to follow simple etiquette.

The following Infographic shares some great Video Conferencing Etiquette to Ensure the Success of Your Virtual Training or Meeting.
  1. Prepare

Nothing breaks the momentum more than faulty equipment.  Do a test run and ensure everything is running smoothly.

  1. Think Position

Position your camera at the top rim of the monitor in the center.  Try to look natural.

  1. Plan ahead to avoid distractions

Pick a location where you don’t risk being distracting by outside factors.

  1. Be aware of location

What is on your background that can be seen?  Inappropriate décor or a messy space is a reflection on you.

  1. Eliminate background noise

Be conscious of the noise happening in the background that can be a distraction.

  1. Consider Lighting

Who is that shadow in the background?  Oh look, it’s the speaker.  Experiment and see what light source positioning works the best.

  1. Selectively Mute

When you are not leading the conversation, do your team a favor and click mute.  Rustling of papers, typing on your keyboard and any other noise is a distraction and impolite to the speaker.

The following Infographic was created by MicroTek, “The Leader in Training Room Rental and Delivery Services”.  Since 1991, MicroTek has been an industry-leading, single-source provider of business training and meeting rooms, virtual training platforms and instructor sourcing services.

Infographic created by MicroTek Meeting Room Rental Service