Protect Your Home Office: Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers [Infographic]

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With the coronavirus pandemic, a massive exodus from office buildings has taken place. As a result, millions of workers who once undertook a daily commute now start their workday not far from their bedrooms. More than half of Americans are now working from home, a Gallup poll found. That said, many are still unprepared for […]

Culture Shock: Improving Company Culture Through Technology

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Corporate culture determines the norms and behaviors of a company. Having a strong company culture can ensure employees are certain in their response to any given situation and are confident in demonstrating the company’s values. Small business owners and startups must keep in mind legacy solutions deliver digital disconnects, in turn creating a fragmented cultural […]

Words of Wisdom from Women in Fintech

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We all face different obstacles in life, and for women in the fintech (financial-tech) space, there is much to overcome. In a vastly male dominated industry, the amount of women-held roles is miniscule compared to men’s. Take the tech giant Google, for example—just 30.9% of their overall workforce is women, who make up only 21.9% […]