Acoustics Matters

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Acoustics affect critical aspects of a building’s function, from productivity in the office and communication in the classroom, to the price an apartment, condominium or single-family home can command. Understanding how to select a combination of building materials, system designs, and construction technologies that will provide the most appropriate sound control is key to creating […]

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Automation: ROI, Tools & Productivity [Infographic]

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Automation has many benefits. Among the advantages are these: It frees up employees from performing manual or repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on tasks that require more thinking and analysis. It increases productivity and the quality of products. It speeds up the time to do the job, facilitating business growth.  Are there drawbacks […]

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Fascinating Statistics On Personal Loans [Infographic]

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It’s no secret that current events presenting some with unprecedented financial challenges, forcing many to look for additional ways to fund essential needs. Personal lending is seeing a surge in popularity for those looking to access quick funding. ran a proprietary survey that gives valuable insights into lending in order to help educate readers about […]


The Huge Cost of Bad Hires — And How to Stop It

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There’s one word that makes C-level executives, human resources departments, operations personnel, sales teams, and financial staffs cringe: Turnover. When a single new hire doesn’t work out, stress ripples through the organization. When it happens repeatedly, those ripples of stress quickly become a tidal wave that wipes out profits, employee engagement, and revenue growth. Turnover […]


Bitcoin Halving: Definitive Guide (In Just 5 Minutes) – Infographic

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Bitcoin has become mainstream since January of 2009.  Since then, there are countless articles written about the bitcoin network.  One term that is important to understand if you are serious about investing in cryptocurrency is bitcoin halving. After every 210,000 blocks, Bitcoin goes through a process called “halving.”  Specifically, the Bitcoin protocol cuts the bitcoin block reward […]

How To Structure Loyalty Programs For Millennials

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Perhaps no generation has been as scrutinized by marketing professionals as millennials. It seems that every day, there’s a new article about how they’ve fundamentally changed some industry or another with their unconventional behavior and unpredictable buying trends. It’s not unusual to hear observers talk about millennials as if they were an alien species from […]