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Reasons Why You Should Include Closed Captions in Your YouTube Videos

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   Image Source We live in a technologically advanced world, and we have become dependent on gadgets for our mundane tasks. The Internet has millions of platforms, but a few of them are widely popular globally. YouTube has become the most consumed video platform, and people worldwide spend hour’s binge-watching videos on it. It is a […]


10 Lessons Entertainers Can Teach You About Success And The Power Of Positive Thinking #5MinMotivation

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One of your most important tools, is your ability to choose how you react in any given situation.  The power of positive thinking is not a new concept.  In fact, it has been practiced and preached by many.  Chances are, you have heard at least one story if not dozens about people who persisted despite […]


Sometimes You Need To Take Care Of You And Walk Away From Energy Drains #5MinMotivation

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A lesson I learned the hard way is how sometimes it is necessary to take care of you and walk away from situations or people that are draining your energy.  Sometimes, that means walking away from negativity.  Even if that means walking away from someone close.  Other times, it means that you just simply cannot […]