8 Qualities That Lead To Success #5MinMotivation

One of the fastest paths to personal growth and success is through learning how other people got there and then using that information to your advantage.  What if there are qualities that one can possess that lead to success?


Richard St. John boarded a plan one day when he was asked a question by a teenager, “What leads to success?”


Discouraged that he couldn’t come up with a simple answer, he set out on a mission to find out.  After, seven years of research and over five hundred interviews, he started to notice similarities in qualities that lead to success.


The following Ted Talk is less than three minutes but does a great job summarizing those 8 qualities that lead to success.





Do it for the love of it and be driven by your passion.

Successful people work hard but love what they do.


“If you do it for love, the money comes anyway.”  Carol Coletta



Successful people put their nose down and keep working at it.  They use the Compound Effect to gain results.



It’s not about putting your hands on everything, it’s about know what to focus on.  What are the few things that you can put all your energy in to make the most difference?



Pushing forward is not only about “the Grind”.  It’s also about pushing through the Fear and Self-Doubt.



Don’t be afraid to try new ideas.  It never has to be perfect, you just have to start.  Write down all your ideas on a piece of paper, then pick one and experiment.  You can always adjust as you go along.



Learning doesn’t end with school.  Self education and the quest for personal improvement is one of your most important investments.  It makes everything else possible.



Help enough people get what they want and you will eventually get what you want.  What can you do to serve others?  Successful people find ways to serve and add value to the market.


Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. – Albert Einstein



“Persistence is the number one reason for our success.” Joe Kraus (co-founder of Excite.com and JotSpot)

There will be a lot of setbacks, criticism and roadblocks.  Successful people don’t let that stop them.  They keep persisting despite the rejection and pressure.


What qualities will you focus on improving this week?



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